Friday, March 11, 2005

Editorial: Rant.

So that's how they explain it. Well, all I can say is: WHAT A LAME EXCUSE!!!! Well, anyway, that's God in the burning bush (or tree). I kind of wish they had made the Big Boss' voice bigger. He sounded unimpressive. It made me wonder if it was God or just Jesus talking there. But it had to be God the Father since he said it was Bathala. It's good to know that faith and religion are given so much importance in the show. I wanted to break Dakila's jaw. He looked so damned stupid as he sat there. He knew all along; he knew Aguiluz would face Ravenum sooner or later, and yet he NEVER told him the truth? When are dumb, backward people like that EVER going to learn that LYING to children is not a good thing? It destroys their trust and confidence in you. Jesus, I hate Dakila. I'd blow him to bits if he were in front of me right now. Ignorance of the truth does not protect anyone for long. Dakila has his head stuck so deeply in his ass that he can't get it out! Arrggghhh!!! Hmm, it seems more and more of our predictions come true, even as unexpected twists and upsets have come up that we never dreamed of. I actually thought a couple of times that maybe it was Rasmus who would find the berdeng binhi. It seems to be unimportant at first, but think about it. That the all-important, last berdeng binhi in the world should find its way into the right hands through a repentant sinner is very significant. It further confirms the role of the Mulawin tree (the source of the binhi) as a symbol of hope and redemption for those who want to be saved. It's also noteworthy that he (Rasmus) was tempted first by the power of the binhi. It is a sign that evil has not quite left him yet; it never completely leaves us, anyway. But evil is always a choice. We can say no, we can say yes. He said no, and again, that is a message of hope for us all. Well, my rant is through. Dakila and whoever made up this twist.... #$#&!!!

(Sorry for posting here. I still can't post comments to the Mulawin Kapuso blog.)



Blogger cynically hopeful said...

SR, comment board is working again!!!!

3/12/2005 12:49:00 AM  
Blogger Ayisha said...

Could you please write a narration of what happened in last night's episode? I wasn't able to watch how Aguiluz became Ravenum's son. Was Salimbay raped or did she have a relationship with Ravenum. Please enlighten me. I'm so grafeful for you guys because u have the time to narrate the events in this network. Please give us the details of the events in Friday's episode thanks a lot!

3/12/2005 02:40:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...


I did post about it in the Shoutbox (the chat box on the right) last night because the blgo comments weren't working. Go back to the previous pages of Shoutbox.

Salimbay was the lady in waiting of Ravenum's wife. He raped her. She hid her pregnancy from him. Dakila and the Diwata created Aguilar as a husband for her to save her dignity and to act as the boy's father since Ravenum was obviously an unsuitable father for him.

Dakila also knew that Ravenum could not have a son by his wife. So he must have known all along Rasmus was adopted. Yet he never told Rasmus. That makes Dakila partly guilty for Rasmus' staying in the dark for so long..

3/12/2005 03:01:00 PM  

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