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Cain and Abel.

Episode for Mar 2, 2005, Wednesday. Florona was almost done. “Haraya, look!” she cried. “I’m finished! Look at it!” The songbird had fallen asleep beside her. Haraya forced her eyes open and saw a book beneath the lantern-green rays emitting from the earth-Diwata’s hands. “This is Balasik in his true form,” Florona told her. “It contains knowledge and prophecies. Keep it and treasure it.” Haraya took the precious book in her hands and smiled through her tears. Despite the fact that Habagat no longer had an ugatpak, and that Dakila was already well-advanced in years (even for a Mulawin, they were still able to evade arrest. The Ravena soldiers pursued them out of Halimhim in vain. Ravenum offered to turn the traitors into Ravena, but the cowardly duo made excuses for delay. “You must go now to Avila and proclaim to the citizens there that their true king and prince have arrived,” Ravenum ordered. “Just be sure not to try anything funny,” Gabriel warned, “because I can read what’s in your hearts.” Ravenum called out to the guards to imprison their “guests.” “You should have listened to Dakila,” he told Daragit. “He was right. You don’t know who you’re dealing with!” The guards led the two foolish bird-men away, leaving father and son alone. Gabriel exclaimed, “Who would’ve thought that there are others as wicked as we are?” Ravenum then picked up where he had left off. “Not all of us here is utterly wicked,” he told the Sugo. “Not yet. I wanted to discuss something with you before we were interrupted. It’s about Alwina. Son, we are close to attaining our objective, yet still, a woman is bothering you.” Gabriel replied, “Not just any woman, Father! A Sugo! Can you imagine what how powerful we would be if we joined forces?” But his father read through this bluff. He had seen that look in the lad’s eyes before – the look of a love-struck idiot setting up his own ruin. “Don’t try to make a fool of me, Gabriel!” he snarled. “You boast that you can read other people’s hearts! Well, I can read yours! Don’t follow your brother’s example. Don’t let your heart rule it over you!” He left Gabriel thus, silent and stunned by the rebuke. No sooner had Ravenum vanished from sight than the renegade Rasmus swung into the scene with Terong under his arm. Gabriel recognized his old friend, and called out to Rasmus. “Damn you! What are you doing?” “If you don’t want this lowlander’s neck to get broken, then follow me!” Then brother followed brother over dense forests until they had arrived in a glade outside of Halimhim. There, Rasmus let go of his captive and turned to face his rival. Terong recognized his master too. “What foolishness is this?” asked the prince. “I’m tired of being second to you,” Rasmus told him. “Prove that you are really any good.” He stretched out his hands which were armed with claws and a dagger. Gabriel drew his sword and attacked, but Rasmus blocked the strike. Then Gabriel thrust forward again; Rasmus dodged the blow and buried with claws into his brother’s spine. Gabriel groaned in pain, and again Rasmus tore through his flesh. The evil Sugo staggered away, and his opponent kicked him down. Rasmus picked up the prince’s sword from the ground to finish off the match. What are you scared of? he asked himself. Isn’t this what you want? Get it over with! He drove the blade into Gabriel’s side, burying it with all the force he could muster. “Die!” he growled. When Mulagat finally came to, he felt so weakened that it was a wonder he was still alive. Why am I not dead yet? he wondered. As if in answer to his prayer, two fierce Musang came tumbling into the scene, attracted by the scent of death oozing from the Encantado’s body. “He’s dying,” one said to the other. “This won’t take long.” The prince was sprawled on the rocky ground, unable to raise himself. He welcomed the predators. “Please, if you must kill me, do it quickly and don’t delay,” he pleaded. But help was on the way for him. Before the Musang could touch him, a flurry of arrows rained down on them. Aramis sprang into the scene and single-handedly dismissed the cat-men. He picked up Mulagat and took him away with him. When Mulagat woke up again, Aramis offered him a drink. Mulagat looked at him suspiciously. “Where did you get your knowledge of plant-medicine?” “When you live in the forest like I do, your only friends are trees and plants, and even the animals we hunt down. You learn to love them.” It sounded nothing like the heartless archer who shot down a maya bird and knocked off a tree before. Mulagat drank, answering Aramis’ questions as he did so, explaining how he had gotten there. “Now I don’t know what happened to my father.” Meanwhile, Aguiluz scrambled for the necklace. He groped in the dark with his gloved hands and soon felt it among the dead leaves on the forest-floor. He held it close to Alwina, and like a woman possessed, the other Sugo responded immediately. The dark cloud left her and she was herself again. Aguiluz held her to him, but seeing she was tired, he put her to sleep. As with Aviona, a weak and sleepless Alwina would have less will to resist a possessing spirit. Salimbay appeared to Aguiluz that night. “Be careful not to lose the necklace,” she told her son. “As things get more difficult, your love for each other will be your only refuge.” “We need to find the fruit now,” he said. “What is it?” But she said only, “Someone is coming. That one can help you find answers to your questions.” Aguiluz heard noises and advanced towards the source. He unsheathed his sword and called out to the visitor. “Who goes there?” It was Pagaspas. “Hey, Aguiluz! Wait, are you the real Aguiluz?” Then Aguiluz’s face brightened. “I am! I know you still pee in your pants. Does the fake Aguiluz know that?” Gus ran to him and hugged him. He narrated all his adventures to his friend, including what happened to Lawswis. Aguiluz pondered the matter and concluded they must find the fruit now. Dakila decided not to return to Avila, in spite of Habagat’s protests. “Ravenum will have us arrested as soon as we set foot there,” he explained. “And the Linang there is no longer the one you loved. She’s gone.” Meantime, Veronica kept watch outside of Bagwis’ cell even as Lourdes mocked her. She observed that Bagwis’ feathers were falling – a sign of failing health. “Your undying love will never do you any good,” said the Ravena. “I’m proof of that!” “I’m not going to listen to your nonsense. It’s not Lourdes in there.” “How do you know that? How do you know this isn’t the real Lourdes?” Veronica replied, “Because I’ve been where you are. I’ve said all the lies that you say now. So you don’t fool me.” A Musang sentry was passing by and relayed news to her from the villagers. She asked if Bagwis could be released temporarily so that he could draw strength from the trees. But the Musang stoutly declined. “The king’s orders,” he said. “What did you do to my son?” a voice cried out. Rasmus turned around. “This wouldn’t have happened if you had treated me like your son too! I am your firstborn! I was the first child you had!” “You are not my child!” Ravenum declared. “I’ve been fooling you all along, Rasmus. Now it’s time you know the truth. “Long ago, an oracle foretold that one of the elders of the High Council would have a son who would rule the Mulawin. Of us all, only Dakila and I were married at the time. Dakila had a child, but it was a girl, Paloma. So it wasn’t her. I tried to have a son, but my wife was useless. I couldn’t have a child by her. “Then one day, she claimed to have given birth. But it wasn’t her child. No wonder she never let me touch her belly when she was with child, nor let me be with her in the egg-nest to see the egg hatched. One day, the woman she had bribed who was the mother of the child showed up. She missed her baby. “I killed her to silence her. Then I lived with my deceitful wife to save face. But I slept around with other women in my wish to have a son. Even my wife’s handmaid, I took advantage of. And now, the prophecy has come true! I have a son now destined to rule Avila! And that is not you, Rasmus!” Rasmus’ heart had stopped within him. It started beating again loudly when Gabriel tapped him on the shoulder and asked, “Don’t you know that it’s hard to kill a Sugo?” Fear seized Rasmus; he immediately fled the scene to the amusement of father and son. But in a moment of carelessness, neither of them thought of eliminating him. “You lied to me!” Rasmus fumed to himself. “I did everything for you and you deceived me! You made me hope for nothing.... I heard you two talking before I showed up. Now, I will betray you like you have betrayed me!”


Blogger South Rock said...

Hi everyone,

I decided to upload the last episode for those following the show overseas. I'm about a week behind in updating. Don't worry about the ones I haven't posted yet; they're coming!

And sorry if they got shorter. Short on time eh. :)


3/03/2005 01:43:00 PM  
Blogger cynically hopeful said...

>Then Aguiluz’s face brightened. “I am! I know you still pee in your pants. Does the fake Aguiluz know that?”

hahaha! nice to see some humor still slipping thru :) again, super tnx to u and streetstopper for the epy updates.

3/04/2005 12:10:00 PM  
Blogger moderator said...

watch the finale of mulawin dis coming march 18, will be live !

3/04/2005 01:40:00 PM  
Blogger moderator said...

donta fail to watch the finale of mulawin it will be live on march 18,2005

3/04/2005 01:41:00 PM  
Blogger Mark Argallon said...

to the moderator or to the owner:

i really appreciate the blog that you have been doing. for quite sometime, our tv was damaged and i am not able to watch mulawin for a couple of months. i depended on your blog. now that our tv is repaired, i could watch mulawin again. HOWEVER, i don't have any idea about what happened after aguiluz returned from death to life up until gabriel becoming the ravena prince. i had been too busy here in the office to browse the web. please, i would like to read the archives or your blog.

hoping for your positive response,

3/04/2005 04:29:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you find this blog useful. Just click on the December and January archives on the lower right of your screen.

South Rock

3/04/2005 09:32:00 PM  

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