Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Spawn of Evil.

Episode for Feb 8, 2005, Tuesday. After Lourdes delivered the five precious eggs, Savannah had to take over. It was now her unpleasant duty to sit on the eggs to warm and hatch them. Rasmus then took on the role of killjoy, perhaps not wishing to give the annoying princess any credit. “The whole thing doesn’t end with the laying of these eggs,” he pointed out. “What are we going to do when they hatch? Who’s going to look after the babies?” Savannah was tired of squatting too. “You know, guys, no matter how long I sit here, these things aren’t going to hatch.” “Don’t complain,” Rasmus replied. “It’s your idea, wasn’t it?” “Why don’t we use the hiyas?” “Oh, come on, Savannah! The hiyas is used to keep on perpetually young, not to advance aging and make something grow fast.” As usual, it was difficult to get an idea through Rasmus’ thick head. Ravenum knew better. “Give me the hiyas,” he ordered, and she gave it to him. “We can use this.” The Ravena lord stood up and, after some preparation, invoked Perena with the title of “Diwata of the Darkness.” “I call on you to reverse the power of this hiyas!” he cried. Smoke filled the air suggesting Perena had answered his prayer. To Savannah’s amazement, the tiny, transparent crystal turned black as an opal in Ravenum’s hand. He pointed it toward the eggs, and a dark blue ray of light beamed at them. Under its intense glare, the eggs began to crack. “They’re hatching!” Savannah exclaimed. Soon, one egg had hatched, yielding an infant with red feathers crowning its head. Savannah gladly picked it up and cooed over the baby. The others followed suit, and soon, they were looking at quintuplets. “Is this the Ravena Army you boast of?” Rasmus taunted her. “Scary! I’ll bet this will frighten off Dakila’s troop.” “Stop insulting me, Rasmus. You should be thankful. If not for my idea, we’d still be the only Ravena left in the world!” But Perena was not done yet. Within an hour or so, the infants had grown to healthy Ravena children whose height now passed Rasmus’ waistline. Ravenum was pleased, but not content. “They still can’t compare to the boy who can change shape,” he said. Savannah then suggested that they use these innocent-looking children to find Niwalum. Expectedly, Rasmus sneered at the idea since the children still had Ravena feathers. But Ravenum was willing to take the chance. “Go find that boy,” he ordered, and they obeyed at once as if they already knew. Day broke and still Lourdes had not returned. Gabriel prepared some food, but Alwina refused to break her fast. He asked how she found her way to Carig, so she narrated to him the disappearance of the three children. “I went looking for them together with Aguiluz.” “Where is he now? Why isn’t he with you?” (Not that he was complaining.) Alwina hesitated. “It’s hard to explain. But it’s like he has changed, Gabriel. I can’t even look into his eyes anymore sometimes. He’s not the Aguiluz I fell in love with any longer.” Gabriel put his arm around her. What could that mean now? The Queen Mother stretched her arms over Linang and prayed. “Linang, surrender your powers as a Diwata,” she said, drawing out the mystical power from Linang into her hand. This energy she gathered into a medium-sized, brilliant red stone. The divine aura now left Linang, and one could see her features plainly. “Farewell, Linang,” the Queen Mother said. “You may no longer have a Diwata’s powers. But you still have the highest power of them all: love.” “I will never forget our friendship, Linang,” Muyak said. And after a few more goodbyes, Linang headed for Avila bringing the stone with her to cure Habagat. When she reached Avila, a tired Linang tripped over some rocks and accidentally dropped the precious gem. It rolled along the grass-covered earth and she chased after it. “I can’t lose the stone!” she cried. “Habagat needs it!” A Musang picked up the stone and studied it, then gave it back to her. “Did you say Habagat?” he asked. “Yes. Do you know him?” “I know him. I will take you to him, lovely maiden.” He was Laab. He took her to the hut where Habagat’s few friends were gathered. Death was imminent and he knew it. “It may be hard to accept, but the same fate awaits us all,” he told them. “If only my family were here. If you see Linang and Mulagat, send them my love.” The ailing Mulawin’s eyes were closed; he merely heard a voice say, “Laab, who is that with you?” No one among Bagwis, Dakila, Veronica and the others recognized her. But when she spoke Habagat’s name, he knew at once who it was. “Linang, is that you?” he said. Gus, Wis and Niwalum now debated over whether to take leave of Aguiluz, or simply go home without notice. He would not want them to ask for help from those who had ostracized him, but on the other hand, if they left, he would worry for them as well as Alwina. Aguiluz woke up and looked sternly at them. “What are you talking about?” he asked. So Niwalum admitted it to him. “You should go home to Avila,” Aguiluz said. “I’ll escort you to its border, but I won’t go any further.” So Pagaspas and Lawiswis flew side by side while the Sugo carried Niwalum to Avila. Once they had reached the vicinity of their home, Aguiluz declined to go further and bade farewell to them. Gus wished him luck, and the Sugo patted him lightly on the head and left. The Aguiluz impersonator studied Aviona from afar. She looked so damned useless. The world could do without her and her talkative friend who looked more like a penguin than an eagle. Time for another kill, he thought, touching Aviona’s yellow-feathered head. But Aramis had anticipated this and stopped him, ready to strike at the impostor. But Aviona turned to look at Aguiluz who had touched her. “Aramis, what are you going to do?” she shouted. ] “Let me explain! I have reason to doubt him!” “My God, are you that desperate to win me over? You’d kill Aguiluz? I trusted you and now you do this? Leave! I’d never trade Aguiluz for you!” She ran to her old friend’s side. The false Aguiluz smiled smugly at her foolishness. Aramis knew he had no leg to stand on – how could he tell her the truth? He walked away to be on his own again. But the real Aguiluz had spied Aviona’s profile from afar as he soared across the sky. Guided by his eagle’s sight, Aguiluz descended to meet her. There he saw his double – every inch just like him! Aguiluz glanced from him to the others, who shouted, “Two Aguiluz! How is this possible?” “You’re an impostor!” cried the double. “No,” Aguiluz retorted calmly. “You are the impostor.”


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