Monday, February 07, 2005

A New Eve.

Episode for Feb 4, 2005, Friday. When they reached the scene of the crime, Alwina rummaged the foliage for signs of Balasik’s corpse. It would have been easy to see the large, ivory-colored bird. But not even a single white plume could be found. The false Aguiluz crossed his arms over his chest and said, “Well? Where is the Balasik you say I killed?” “It was here!” Alwina insisted. “You must have hidden it or thrown it away in the river!” Aviona stood up for the other Sugo. “Alwina, please. This is Aguiluz you’re talking about. He can’t do such a thing.” “Are you really the Aguiluz I fell in love with?” the daughter of Bagwis wondered. She felt no love, no warmth at all, for this Aguiluz. Even in his eyes she could see nothing; it was as if he had become soulless. Alwina disdained even to look at him and ran away. “I feel as though I’m stuck between two boulders hitting at each other,” Aviona complained to Aguiluz. He replied coolly, “We’ve been friends the longest. Whom do you believe in more?” “It is a great honor that the King and Queen of the Mulawin will be watching over my father while I am away.” Mulagat turned from Veronica to Bagwis. They were inside the hut where his father had been confined for the past couple of days. “In case he passes away while I’m gone, be sure to tell him that my mother and I love him very much.” Bagwis gave him his assurance, and after an embrace from each of the monarchs, the Encantado left. It did not take long for Ravenum to acknowledge that Savannah had hit upon a brilliant new idea. An army of natural-born Ravena born to Ravena parents! Why didn’t he think of that sooner? “So there you are,” Rasmus called out to them. “Didn’t you get caught by the rain?” “What rain?” they asked. It had been warm and sunny all day. “Wait a minute,” Ravenum said. “Who’s guarding Aguiluz?” They hurried to the spot where they had detained the Mulawin in question. But he was gone. Only loosened ropes lay in a heap at the foot of a tree. Rasmus growled at Savannah. “Look what you did!” Even as the foolish king and the equally negligent princess bickered, Ravenum’s inner senses picked up danger. “Stop that,” he told them. “We must leave at once and find Gabriel. My son needs me.” What had Ravenum sensed? It was Lourdes about to discover his son’s ugatpak. Gabriel was asking her how she had managed to conceal Alwina’s true nature from everyone else in Tierra Fuego. And the woman explained, “She always complained to me how others treated her like a freak, and refused to play with her because she was different. So I took out her ugatpak and she lost her special abilities.” She asked Gabriel to turn around and lifted his shirt. To her surprise, a long, red and black quill was hanging from the middle of his back, along the spine. “You have one too!” Lourdes exclaimed. “I can take it off. I’ve seen Bagwis and Alwina lose their ugatpak. It didn’t cause them to lose their wings. In your case, it won’t totally get rid of the Ravena in you. But maybe you will be able to control it.” “Then take it off if you think it’s best.” “It could hurt you.” “Just do it anyway. If it’s for the best, I’ll bear it.” Gabriel held on to a post that supported the roof, anticipating the pain. Lourdes grabbed hold of the quill and pulled it off as quickly as possible. The young man winced but suppressed an unmanly cry. The hurt was only temporary, but a feeling of tiredness very soon overtook him, especially in the area of his back. Suddenly he felt like an old man. Then the Ravena threesome appeared at their doorstep, and Gabriel almost fainted. “Check this out!” Savannah said. “Two birds with one stone!” “Is this the woman you were referring to?” asked Ravenum. Gabriel shouted, “Leave her alone!” “Come with us now,” Ravenum beckoned. “Join with those of your own kind!” “No!” Gabriel shot back. “I’ll die before that happens!” Soon more company was on the way. The Ravena did not know who those people were calling out to Lourdes, and it did not matter. They could not permit themselves to be discovered yet. So Rasmus seized Lourdes and took her out of the hut while the others followed. Gabriel could hardly even take a step toward them. His backbone felt stretched and weary; he stood with back hunched as Lourdes screamed in vain for help. Aviona and Tuka searched earnestly for Alwina throughout the woodland. But Aguiluz showed not concern, but anger. “How did she escape?” he roared. “She did not escape since we weren’t locking her up,” Aviona responded testily. “You know, Aguiluz, if you don’t change your attitude, then I understand why she’s so upset with you.” But Alwina had wandered off to Carig (small world indeed!). “I’m all alone now,” she said to herself as she washed her face in a nearby stream. “Mother is gone, and now Aguiluz has changed. He’s not the one I fell in love with.” “Hey, Alwina!” some merry voices called out. She turned around and recognized two faces she had not lain eyes on in such a long time: Pamela and Tonya. The last time they had been together in Tierra Fuego – and for the greater part of their lives – things had been very different. She had been their laughingstock, the object of derision, the local town freak. And they had been Savannah’s best friends. Not anymore. The two girls ran to embrace Alwina. “Thank you so much for everything you have done,” they said. “But why are you crying?” She smiled through her tears. “Nothing. I just thought I was alone now.” “Oh, hey,” Pamela said suddenly. “Come with us! Nanay Lourdes is in Carig!” So was Gabriel. He had just told Terong how Lourdes had removed his ugatpak – which Terong could not understand, of course. But when Terong asked her whereabouts, Gabriel failed to answer him. He was beside himself with disappointment. “Why wasn’t I able to do anything?” he asked aloud to himself while Terong listened. As he brooded over the matter, Pamela and Tonya returned home bringing their guest with them. Gabriel beheld his angel and was speechless. “Gabriel!” exclaimed Alwina. Savannah was playing with Gabriel’s ugatpak which she had snatched from Lourdes. She looked forward to some entertainment. It was certainly amusing to see an old enemy in distress. Ravenum looked steadily at Lourdes. “What do you want from me?” she cried. “It occurred to Savannah that I need a consort,” he explained. And before she could even try to escape, he took hold of both her arms and sucked her soul out of her mouth. Then Ravenum exhaled his black breath of smoke into her. It was a very familiar process to Rasmus, who was a silent spectator of this event. Ravenum turned to the other members of his family. “Let me introduce to you the first Mother of the new Ravena tribe!” The dense smoke cleared, and where a human Lourdes had been, now stood a pale, dark-eyed Ravena queen in heavy armor. “What’s going on?” she asked. “Why can’t I seem to remember anything?” Savannah wondered at that, but their lord explained that her conversion had been forced, unlike Savannah’s. Her soul had unwillingly left her body. Thus, her memory was lost, as it had been in the case of Vultra. Now Ravenum reminded his son to brainwash their newest “recruit.” “We have to make her believe that she has always been a Ravena, and that we are husband and wife. It’s the only way to convince her to sleep with me.” Rasmus nodded without a word, perhaps thinking of something... or someone else. Then his father turned to Lourdes, and took her with him. After what seemed like a long time to the impatient Savannah, their leader came back alone. “Don’t be too impatient,” he scolded her. “In due time Lourdes will conceive. Now, Rasmus, go tell Aramis about the impostor who is with Alwina. He needs to know.” “Why can’t I see Alwina?” asked the real Aguiluz. Salimbay answered, “It’s because she is in danger. When she is near the influence of evil and darkness, your power cannot see through. It is the same reason why you cannot find the children.” “Does that mean..?” “Yes. It means Alwina is in danger. She needs you. You have already left the Mulawin tree for her. Are you going to desert her now?” Nothing else could have persuaded him to return. But now, Aguiluz lifted up his eyes, and saw the three children he had been looking for before him. “What happened?” he asked. So Gus and Wis told him what had transpired, and about Niwalum’s exceptional powers as an Encantado. They also informed him, “He depends on your and Alwina’s love for each other. But he is weakening, which means you two are drifting apart.” “But my feelings for Alwina have not changed,” he told them. Wis then said, “There is something else you need to know. The Ravena cloned you. There’s a look-alike of yours that is with Alwina now.” This made sense to him. “Then that’s why she is feeling distant from me. I have to find them.”


Blogger South Rock said...

Inaanay na ang utak ni Ravenum! At si Savana, puro kuto ang balahibo! Rassssssmuuuuuusssssss, tumawag ka ng PEST CONTROL!!!!!!!!!

2/07/2005 10:16:00 PM  
Blogger cynically hopeful said...

a, ok. at least some things have been made clear. gabriel's ugatpak is still there. question, does this mean that gabriel can still become ravena? as in the case of habagat (who doesn't have his ugatpak), or alwina (prior to her call as the sugo)?

2/09/2005 04:31:00 AM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Yes, he can. But he should be able to control it.

2/09/2005 07:32:00 AM  

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