Sunday, February 27, 2005

First Kiss.

Episode for Feb 22, 2005, Tuesday. Sounds of rejoicing ran throughout Halimhim – the voices of drunken Ravena warriors and their father leading them on. Rasmus was the only one not in a partying mood. “What’s going on here?” he asked their princess. “Don’t you know?” she said. “Ravenum is holding a feast for Gabriel’s triumph!” Ravenum noticed his son and told him, “You arrived on time. Gabriel is about to deliver a speech!” The new prince appeared before his rowdy siblings and announced to them what they already knew: that the tree of the Mulawin had been cut down. “The time for our reign has come!” he declared. The others roared with approval at these words. Rasmus hesitated, and then touched his father lightly on the shoulder. “In all the history of the Ravena, you never once held a celebration like this,” he said. Ravenum answered without batting an eyelash, “There was no reason to.” “But what about everything I did for you?” “No! Nothing you ever accomplished was worth celebrating.” He turned his back on Rasmus and went on listening to his favorite. Then Savannah brought their attention to the prisoner, Mulagat. “There’s no more strength left in him.” “Then get rid of him,” Ravenum ordered. Aguiluz – the impostor – arrived with Niwalum in tow. As the boy struggled in his grip, Gabriel pointed to him and said, “I know who that boy is.” In Avila, food was becoming scarce; plants and trees withered; and the population was weakening. Even Gus and Wis who were on their way home felt themselves tiring rather quickly. They had found that they could stretch their limbs as they pleased; it was a new power that Niwalum had bestowed on them. But there was no time for games. “No one knows yet that Mulagat is in Halimhim,” they told each other. No one knew either that Niwalum had been captured as well. Neither did they know who – or rather, what – Niwalum really was. Aviona expressed relief at the postponement of Aguiluz’s execution. “Maybe that’s the only good thing that has come out of this,” she told Aramis. “From the tone of Dakila’s voice, it sounds like we won’t even know if there’ll still be a tomorrow.” “But you’re still fortunate even with all this,” he replied. “You have your loved ones with you.” “Do you miss yours?” Aramis paused thoughtfully. “I don’t have any. I never knew my parents.” “We’re the same then. I wish I’d known them.” They had died at war against Rasmus’ rebels when she was little. Aramis decided that this was the right moment for him to make his move. He had no memory of love from his childhood, and had never thought that he would be capable of it. “I never believed someone could change my mind about it,” he told her. “But when I met you, you changed the way I see life. You’re right. Life is short and we don’t know what may happen tomorrow. But I love you, and if there’s not much time left, I want to spend the rest of it with you.” The Mulawin smiled at him. “You’ve made me so happy with what you said… because that’s just how I feel!” “Does that mean you love me too?” Then Aviona stretched forth her wings, and the hunter on the shoulders with them. “That is how the Mulawin show their love for someone,” she explained. Aramis nodded. “This is how we show ours,” he told her. Then he slowly bent his head towards hers and kissed her. No one else was present that night. There was still a tomorrow; the end of the world had not come. Aviona was sitting by herself when Linang called out to her. She looked so plain and harmless now that she was no longer a Diwata. Aviona hardly spared her a glance. “I know who you are… Habagat’s lady.” Linang answered humbly, “Don’t misunderstand me. I am only looking for a friend. I admit that I miss my old friends in my old home. That’s why when I saw you, I summoned my courage and approached you.” The young woman softened then. “I never got to ask what really happened to Habagat. I just heard that he got well because of you. What was his sickness?” “Someone hit him with poisoned arrows,” the mother of Mulagat replied. “It was laced with poison from the tandiosa plant.” Lurking in the shadows behind them was Aramis, eavesdropping. Meanwhile, Bagwis reiterated his plan to release Aguiluz in stealth. Dakila expressed his support, but also warned the king of the consequences. He further added, “Pardon me for my intrusion into your private lives, but is there a misunderstanding between you and your queen? I notice that she has been avoiding you.” Bagwis saw Veronica from afar, and went after her. “I don’t understand why Lourdes did that,” he said. “She was the one who tried to seduce me. I wasn’t unfaithful to you. Think about it: If I could be unfaithful to you, I would have done it a long time ago, when I thought you had died, or when you became a Ravena. But you’re the only woman I have ever loved!” By no means was the queen a rash and foolish woman; she knew he had a sound argument in his favor. “Leave me alone for now,” she told him. Veronica had her own suspicions now, but just as she had done as Vultra, the queen kept her own counsel about things she was unsure of. One look at you told me something had changed in you, Lourdes, she thought. I have to make sure that my hunch about you is right. She went – alone – to Lourdes’ dwelling. The door was open, and Veronica invited herself inside, calling out to her friend. Lourdes touched her from behind and rebuked her, “Does being a queen give you the right to enter other people’s homes without their permission?” Veronica’s heart jumped, but she tried to keep her voice steady. She looked into Lourdes’ eyes, which were dark and soulless. Had the queen seen the Aguiluz clone, she would have noted a resemblance. “Lourdes, why were you flirting with my husband?” she asked. “Why are you doing this?” The other woman laughed. “Was that what he told you?” “Wait a minute,” Veronica said. “Are you doing this for the sake of revenge? Are you trying to get back at me for what I did to you? Lourdes, I never wanted that to happen to you! I was afraid so I left!” “What…” What was she alluding to? But Lourdes’ subconscious answered it for her. Like a familiar smell that brings back memories of a past connected with it, so did Veronica’s words unearth a buried memory: A drunken man harassing the young Veronica. Lourdes had ran to her rescue and, in a state of panic, her friend abandoned the scene. Lourdes was left alone… “Was that the real reason why you left me in Halconia?” asked Veronica again. “Now I understand. You want to avenge yourself on me by taking away what I have. That happened so long ago! But now you bring it back to me!” “YES,” Lourdes hissed. “Is that the answer you want to hear? Then YES, I am doing this to get even with you both! That’s why I left Halimhim. That’s why I left…” She stopped herself, but it was too late. “What Halimhim? Where’s that? And who is the one you left there?” Lourdes broke away from her, feeling the Ravena soul in her emerging. Soon she was back to her true form again as mother of that evil race. Veronica was not far behind. Night fell bringing the sweet spell of sleep over the land. Bagwis and Dakila crept near Aguiluz’s cell and found it unguarded. “Wake up!” they whispered intensely to him. Aguiluz opened his eyes. “Dakila! Bagwis! What are you doing here?” “We’re setting you free,” they told him. They had no trouble at all unlocking the cage and letting him out. “Forgive me for listening to the others even though I knew in my heart you had nothing to do with the Balasik’s death,” said the king. “Thank you so much,” Aguiluz told them, heaping his weight on each of them. He gave thanks with such gratitude that went up to heaven itself. Dakila turned somber. “There is something you need to know,” he told the Sugo. “The Ravena are stronger now that their new leader is with them… Gabriel. He was the one who cut down the Mulawin tree.” At this, Aguiluz’s eyes burned with a fierdy glow. So he had been right all along; his vision had not deceived him. If he had been correct about Gabriel’s evil nature, then it followed that the rest of his premonition had truth to it as well. The man planned to kill Alwina. “Gabriel?” he said. “Where is he? I have to confront him!”


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