Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Archer Strikes.

Episode for Feb 1, 2005, Tuesday. For the second time, Aguiluz’s race had disowned him. All the heroic deeds of the past were forgotten; he had become nothing save but an object of scorn and blame. He had been silent all evening, with shoulders slumping under the weight of hopeless and dejection, when Aviona spoke to him and asked where they were going. “Nowhere.” His reply was barely audible. “You’re not going anywhere, Aviona. This is my fight.” “Nonsense! We’ve been friends since childhood and we promised to stick together no matter what.” “I have to find the fruit,” he said as if he had not heard her. “And I have to find Gabriel too.” Aviona gave him a puzzled look. “Gabriel? Why would you want to find him?’ But her friend held his tongue, so Aviona returned to the company of Aramis, who was then cleaning after their supper. “You know, after wandering alone for sometime, things change,” Aramis told her. “You forget how to feel; you forget about love.” “Don’t say that,” she retorted. “Everyone needs love, and one’s heart will re-open whether you like it or not.” He knew she was right. The man Aguiluz was looking for had decided to take his chances in Carig, followed by Terong who said, “Are you sure about this? What if your wings pop out again?” Gabriel told him, “I have to take that risk. Aling Lourdes is the only one I can think of who may be able to help me. She’s a healer, and most of all, she was able to hide Alwina’s true nature from us all.” So the two friend inquired of a passerby where they could find Lourdes. The man led them to a house and called out, “Aling Lourdes, someone is looking for you.” Gabriel and Terong followed closely behind. “Gabriel!” she cried. “You again! We keep bumping into each other, don’t we?” she said. “That seems to be saying something. Maybe I should adopt you.” She and the girls then served the table for their guests. Terong was used to eating with his hands; Gabriel did not mind either. “You seem to have adopted everyone, Aling Lourdes,” Terong joked. “Maybe you should have your own!” The merry mood was broken by this remark. Lourdes was mum for a long time and then she said, “I will admit something to all of you. Even before I found Alwina, I had a child of my own. It’s been such a long time and I abandoned my child when it was only a baby.” Gabriel was nothing short of amazed. “Why did you leave your baby?” Bagwis came home late that night. “Was there a meeting of the Council again?” asked his wife. “No,” he replied. “I just thought I’d try and look for Pagaspas and the others.” Veronica nodded. It seemed that nothing was going right. “I’m not hoping anymore that Alwina will ever accept me. All I ask now is that you love me.” “You’re my wife now,” he told her. “I made a promise before God to love you. And that is what I will do.” But more ill developments had been reported to them, and the newlyweds chose to visit Habagat. “Forgive us,” they said. “We did not hear about the news until now.” Mulagat was there watching over his father, who lay half-conscious in bed as a wild fever burned throughout his body. Bagwis and Veronica listened to what Dakila had to say. Dakila did not raise false hopes in their hearts. He repeated once more that the disease was incurable. “I can’t believe that you will just die,” the son whispered to Habagat. “Maybe I can help,” the queen volunteered. “I learned about plants and medicines from Lourdes. Just tell me where to find Daragit the physician.” Mulagat stood up. “I will go with you.” So the two left together. Dakila then spoke his mind to their new leader. “Your Majesty, I see stormy clouds coming this way. I fear this is a sign of darker times to come. Evil is standing by.” The Ravena father and son, meanwhile, had gone away that night to fetch a present for the children – Niwalum, in particular. Savannah assured them that they would see for themselves this gift very soon. Having been fed information by their spy, Rasmus and Ravenum met with Aguiluz’s group and a duel began. “Go on and run,” Aguiluz said to Aviona, who then retreated with Aramis. Rasmus left his father alone to deal with the Mulawin Emissary, while he himself pursued the other two. Then he and Aramis engaged in a mock battle to fool Aviona. Rasmus swiftly cut a wound across the archer’s arm. “Run, Aramis!” Aviona shouted. “I can handle this!” Aramis staggered back, faking his injury. Out of sight, he went to see Ravenum and Aguiluz. The Sugo had cut his adversary’s staff in two. But a jet of fire issued forth from the staff’s broken end and Ravenum was able to use it for a while. Then Aguiluz cut the staff a second time; a puff of smoke shot up and its power was lost. “Give up!” said the hero. “You’re no match now!” Ravenum cackled, “That’s what you think!” Now Aramis had positioned himself behind a tree, waiting for a chance to strike. Raising his bow, the archer took aim at Aguiluz and fired away with his poisoned arrows. His practised aim never once missed its mark. Several arrows whizzed through the air one after the other, hitting Aguiluz on the arm, legs and stomach. The Sugo roared in pain, but remained standing. He pulled off one arrow after another as they pierced him, casting them angrily aside. Then one went straight into his chest, and at last, the warrior crumpled down to the ground, unconscious but not dead. Ravenum gathered his weight into his arms and flew away. Now, Aviona bore herself aloft and unrolled her yoyo-like weapon. She hit her opponent several times, sending Rasmus off-balance. But the former king was the older and more experienced fighter. He swung his arm forward and knocked her yoyo out of her hand with his own weapon. As she reached down for it, Rasmus noticed his father carrying Aguiluz’s body in the sky. He laughed with glee and abandoned the battle-scene. Before Aviona could chase after them to save her friend, Aramis conveniently showed up again with wounds that needed attention. “Don’t lose hope, Mulagat,” Bagwis said to Habagat’s son. The Encantado was looking in the distance, as if recalling to his mind what had happened. “I cannot help but suspect Aramis has something to do with this. “Aramis? Why do you say that?” Mulagat turned to him and said, “Think about it. If Aramis is such a fine hunter, that means he is also a good archer.” He stayed up the whole night guarding Habagat, who hardly stirred or opened his eyes. Suddenly, his body began to quiver wildly, as if he were having a seizure or convulsion. “Daragit!” Mulagat cried out. “Dakila, what’s happening to him?” The others rushed to the scene. Veronica prepared some medicine for the patient to drink. Daragit examined him and whispered to Dakila, “He just had his first heart attack.” “But I haven’t even had mine yet!” Dakila exclaimed. And a middle-aged Dakila had been present when the Mulawin tree last bore fruit… a century ago. “Thanks so much for helping me, Alwina,” Tuka said to her as they wandered deep in the forest. “Don’t think me ungrateful. I know you have your own worries, such as Aguiluz who needs somebody now for sure.” Alwina sighed. “I guess that’s just the way it is. We love each other, but were not meant to be together.” Unhappily for Aramis, these two Mulawin happened to come their way. While the bird-women threw themselves at one another in delighted surprise, Aramis kept silence. He did not appreciate the distraction. The ladies, on the other hand, had only ill tidings to bring one another. “The children are missing,” the two informed Aviona. “And we ran into Rasmus and Ravenum,” she replied. “They have become Ravena again. Worse, they kidnapped Aguiluz.” Oh, great! What else? Any more bad news? The Ravena kept their promise to their captives. Father and rejoined them bringing their prized catch. “Aguiluz!” the three children chorused. Now their abductors once again dared Niwalum to display his powers. “No!” he insisted. “I have no powers!” “Looks like the children don’t like our present, Father,” Rasmus observed. “That means this is useless to us.” Ravenum then handed him Aguiluz’s sword. Rasmus prepared to give the death-blow, when Niwalum cried out, “No! All right, I will do what you want!” So Ravenum bade Savannah let the boy out of the cage, but only him. “What can you do?” she asked. Niwalum was evasive. “Why don’t you ask me? I’ll tell you whether I can do it or not.” Savannah felt an urge to smack the child on the mouth with her fist. But she stayed her hand, and said instead, “Can you make another Aguiluz?” And to everyone’s surprise, he replied, “Take one of his feathers and give it to me.” Then the Ravena princess plucked a feather off the warrior’s head, and gave it to Niwalum. The boy held out his open palm, and blew gently upon the quill with a magic-breath. The feather danced in the air and alighted noiselessly on the grass. A reddish white light spread upon that area. When the light withdrew, a perfect clone of the Sugo lay there. At that same instant, Niwalum collapsed on the ground like one who had fainted. Rasmus had watched in silence; Savannah, on the other hand, did not hide her thoughts. “Wow,” she said. “I was just testing him, and he did it right away. He did make a second Aguiluz.” But Ravenum was not as impressed. “He only copied Aguiluz’s body, but not his soul. I myself will give this second Aguiluz a soul.” The dark lord of the Ravena parted his lips, and blew forth that familiar black smoke. The smoke – which in this world embodied the soul – entered the slightly gaping mouth of the sleeping clone. Then Ravenum went over to him and snapped his fingers. The cloned Sugo rose at once. “What is your wish, Lord Ravenum?” he asked in Aguiluz’s voice. It was very strange to hear him addressing Ravenum as his master. “Go and find Alwina,” Ravenum instructed, “and kill her. Kill the other Sugo.”


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2/03/2005 04:16:00 PM  
Blogger cynically hopeful said...

wow.. so mulawin's really live long. this explains how the poison really sped up the aging process. mejo natawa lang ako ng konti when dakila said "i haven't had a heart attack yet!". still, i wonder how many years were taken off from habagat (more than 100, most likely), and how many years does it have to be to get a first heart attack.

more on dakila. if he was there when the tree bore fruit, then can he shed light on what the fruit meant or how it was used?

hey SR! have u thought abt posting ur epy summaries for gma network? malay mo, u might get paid pa :P

2/03/2005 11:39:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Hi bluedove and CH!

I'm very happy about bluedove's find too. ABOUT TIME!

About Dakila. If you remember, CH, the last time the Mulawin tree bore fruit a century ago, the fruit was the berdeng binhi. That's what he told the Taguba. But every century, the tree bears a different fruit, so he doesn't know what has become of the present one.

Hehehe... libre ang mangarap so far as becoming a published writer goes. But I don't want to get involved in copyright problems by posting this stuff there or anywhere else. I'd rather they just let us do our pleasure here while they provide content at the official site that we fans can't give. We help the show and other fans in our own way, anyway. Think of all our kababayan abroad who cannot watch it but who have become interested due to the work that's been done here.

It also proves that Mulawin's viewers are very intelligent people. 8)

2/04/2005 01:51:00 PM  

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