Friday, January 28, 2005

Royal Families.

Episode for Jan 27, 2005, Thursday. They were heroes and villains, men and bird-men, kings and queens, princes and heirs. The Royal House of the Mulawin was to rise tonight. Therefore, the House of Ravenum must also return if it would not be annihilated completely, and the key to this was their Prince. Between these two warring clans and their allies, were the Mulawin tree and its mysterious fruit. When the cheering had rather subsided, Dakila spoke anew. “I have an announcement to make,” he said. “I feel that this is the proper occasion for it. I have thought the matter over, and I realize that I have led you and served you for a very long time. It is time for a new leadership. And no one is more worthy of being your leader than this Mulawin now standing before me.” Then he turned to Bagwis and bade him kneel. Uneasy as he was at what he had just heard, the warrior obeyed. Then Dakila took a sword and touched both of Bagwis’ shoulders with it. “Bagwis, I now declare you as the new King of the Mulawin!” A thunderous applause was the crowd’s response. Bagwis looked up into Dakila’s eyes and stood up, utterly speechless. Dakila placed the sword in his hands. Then everyone present bowed before their new ruler, even Veronica. Bagwis realized that they were paying homage to him. He urged the people, “Friends, rise to your feet! I am only a humble warrior. But I give you my word that I will do my utmost to serve you, and to defend Avila!” “This is not the end of our celebration,” Dakila told them. He shifted his attention to the bride, Veronica. She was wearing a plain white gown and a wreath of flowers upon her head, and in her hand were more flowers given by well-wishers. “By the power of God,” Dakila continued, “who has given certain abilities to a few chosen Mulawin, such as me, and such as Bagwis, I now declare you, Veronica, a Mulawin!” He stretched out both of his hands over her. A white beam issued forth and descended on Veronica. It enveloped her in a glowing mantle of light. When the light disappeared, a Mulawin Queen was standing in its place, beautiful and radiant. Among the awestruck witnesses of this transformation was Habagat, who was perhaps, thinking of Linang. Bagwis could scarcely contain his joy at this miracle. He smiled at his bride and kissed her. Their wings spread open and flapped forward, wrapping the couple in a winged embrace like two angels in love. Then all the people hailed the new King and Queen of the Mulawin. As expected, their daughter snubbed the wedding. While everyone else was rejoicing, Alwina tarried at home and brooded over her sorrows. Then Niwalum, the boy-child her family had recently adopted, arrived and sat beside her. “Don’t cry,” he told her. “I’m here for you.” Niwalum folded his arm behind his back, and when he put it out again, there was a bouquet of white flowers in his hand. Alwina accepted his gift and hugged him. “Am I wrong to feel this way about Veronica?” she asked aloud. “Maybe I should forgive her, but something in my heart tells me not to.” She was not the only one who did not attend the wedding feast. But Aguiluz was having second thoughts now. “Bagwis is like a father to you,” Aviona had said. Like a father… His train of thought was distracted by a passerby, a little boy. Aguiluz looked over his shoulder and called out, “Hey, I recognize you.” The boy stopped and looked back at him. “But I can’t remember you,” he replied. Aguiluz bent on his knees and examined the child’s features. “Yes!” he exclaimed. “I can’t be wrong. You’re that boy I saw in my vision! What are you doing here? Who are you? And why do I feel like you are close to my heart?” “That’s good,” said the boy smiling. “You seem to be a nice person!” “What could be your connection to me and to Alwina? Why are you here? Who do you know here in Avila?” “I don’t know anyone here. But I’m staying at Alwina’s.” Aguiluz’s eyes lit up. “You know her? Will you take me to her?” A few hours passed; the silence in the house was broken by the flapping of two pairs of wings. Alwina assumed that this was Gus and Wis. She went out to meet them, and found instead her father and a Mulawin woman. What the…! How did THAT happen? But she was not going to ask. The maiden turned away at once, and Bagwis said to her, “I was hurt when you did not attend our wedding. I would be more hurt if you ignore your mother now.” Then Veronica spoke in a gentle tone. “Alwina, I’m not asking you anymore to accept me as your mother. Only accept me as your father’s wife. Especially now that I have become a Mulawin.” Alwina’s eyes rolled in their sockets. “Sure,” she said. “Your feathers are a Mulawin’s. But beneath that, you’re still a Ravena through and through!” Then Bagwis whipped his daughter on the face with a rock-solid slap. Alwina felt a crack in her jawbone; her cheek burned from the pain. She stared at her father in hurt and disbelief, and then ran into the house and locked the door. Veronica signed to her husband to let her be. But a furious Bagwis knocked heavily on the door and demanded to be let inside. Such was the wedding night of this royal couple… locked out of their own house by their own daughter. Dakila had expected this, so he came with Mayi and told them, “Let Alwina be for a while. You can stay with us tonight.” “Haven’t you noticed?” Terong said to Gabriel. “You turn into a Ravena only when you feel some strong emotion. Extreme anger, extreme sadness…” “What I fear is when I will lose control of myself again,” Gabriel answered. “Aren’t you afraid of me? I could hurt you too eventually.” But Terong did not see that coming. “Why should I be afraid of you? That won’t happen, as strong as our friendship is,” he said. Now, unknown to them, Gabriel had been shedding a little of his plumage on the way. This gave the other Ravena an idea where to locate him. That night, they finally caught up with him. That night, after the feast, Aramis brought Aviona with him for a surprise. He showed her a new shed which he had built with his own hands. “I made it for you,” he told her. “You shouldn’t have bothered,” she replied. “We’re used to sleeping out in the open.” They noticed a man in white standing by: Mulagat. “May I speak with you for a while, Aviona?” he asked. “Just the two of us?” Once alone with her, Mulagat reiterated his earlier warnings about her new friend. “You’re not telling me anything you haven’t said before,” she answered defensively. “And who gave you the right to tell me what to do, and who to make friends with?” She made use of her new shelter that night and slept soundly. Mulagat kept watch, to Aramis’ evident displeasure. “Why don’t you just go back to where you came from?” the Encantado suggested. “Your companions must be waiting for you.” “I have nowhere else to go. No one is waiting home for me.” “Oh?” said Mulagat with obvious contempt. “Is that why you’re forcing yourself here in Avila?” Alwina sat moping in a chair when someone came knocking at the door. Don’t they just get it? she wondered to herself. “Go away, Veronica!” she shouted testily. “GO AWAY!” Niwalum’s tiny voice piped, “Alwina, it’s me!” Then the Sugo forced herself off her seat and went to open the door. In the dark, she could see the tall figure of a Mulawin soldier standing there. She threw her arms around him, while Niwalum fetched his kite and left to give them privacy. Alwina gave voice to her sorrows. “I still can’t accept Veronica, and my father can’t understand me. I feel like this is all my fault and they’re all suffering because of me. And you left the Mulawin tree because of me.” “Stop that,” Aguiluz told her. “You haven’t done anything wrong.” “I feel so alone. It’s like I can’t do anything right.” He held her close to him and said, “I’m here for you. I’m not going to leave you.” And if only I could prove that Gabriel wants to hurt you, you’d understand why I left the tree. There they were, alone and friendless apart from each other, it seemed. Once the heroes and saviors of the world now blamed and hated and alienated. It’s a round globe indeed. Gabriel and Terong froze in horror as the three Ravena approached them. “We’re here because Father Ravenum wishes to say something to you, Gabriel,” Rasmus informed him. “You want answers, Gabriel,” said Ravenum. “You will understand it all if you let me explain to you.” Savannah then said, “We know your secret!” Terong recognized her then. “Savannah! You’re a Ravena now? You look even uglier than before!’ The insulted Savannah walked up to him and said, “Don’t screw with me, Terong! I could finish you off with one stroke of my claws!” “How did this happen?” Gabriel asked. Ravenum told him, “It is time for you to know your true origin. You are a Ravena because your father is a Ravena. I am your true father. And Rasmus is your brother.” Say that isn’t so! “No!” Gabriel shouted. “Lucio is my father, and Gisela is my mother!” “You’re right,” Rasmus said. “Gisela is your mother, but Ravenum is your father.” “Allow me to explain it all to you,” Ravenum went on calmly. “Let me tell you about the powers you have, and the powers you have yet to discover.” He stretched out his hairy arms and said, “Take my hands. Embrace your father.” “No!” Gabriel roared. His very soul revolted in fear and loathing. Then his temper bolted out of control, and he assumed his true form once again. Red eyes burned in their sockets, and hot sweat ran down his angry face. “No matter what, you cannot deny what you really are!” his father told him. Gabriel shook his head defiantly at them. He was determined to resist this evil power that was claiming him. After all, he had nothing to lose; they did. “My blood may be a Ravena’s, but not my heart! I will never join forces with you! You’ll have to kill me first!” And he meant it as a blood-oath.


Blogger Quill Driver said...

I prefer a council (or a round table) over a king.

The wedding is very similar to that of LOTR Return of the King.

1/29/2005 08:58:00 AM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Me too. But Theseus remained the king of Athens even after he made it a free city in which every male citizen could vote at the council.

1/30/2005 07:41:00 AM  

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