Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ravenum's Emissary.

Episode for Jan 3, 2005, Monday. Gabriel stepped back, leery of the bird-man before him. So the latter asked, “Why do you move away from me, Gabriel?” “Why do you know me?” retorted Gabriel. “Do not be afraid of me,” the bird-man said. “I am Ravenum, a Mulawin. I have watched you since you were born. I know you because I shall play an important role in your future, and you will play an important role in the world’s future. I know that your life has been a sad one. You have a cruel father, and your beloved mother died. I also know that the one you love most is Alwina.” Then Gabriel asked, “Why should I believe you? I don’t know you.” Ravenum smiled as if the question pleased him. “Simple,” he replied. “Just do what your heart tells you.” The giant frog’s skin glistened in the dim light within the cavern. Its eyes glowed like a pair of full moons. Huge, green, slimy and smelly was this mutant frog. Whoever dreamed up these Avilan sentinels had a sordid taste for oversized pests. “I’ll handle this,” Aguiluz said. He bade Aviona lead Alwina to safety, while he himself called out mockingly to the frog: “Hey, frog! Come and get me!”
With Alwina’s arm swung over her shoulders, Aviona staggered through the wet and rocky ground. Then Alwina exclaimed: “Aviona, look!” Aviona followed her companion’s finger and saw a white plume in a recess in the cave’s wall. With no small frogs hopping about, it was not that difficult for Aviona to retrieve it. As soon as she had, Aviona returned to Alwina’s side and offered her the feather. The Sugo put it on her spine, a fiery power blazed through her and her strength returned. Now, Aguiluz glanced at his magic wand or flute. Well, time to use it and see what the Diwata had given him. “It is a stick of wood that you can strike upon the ground to bring forth salvation,” the Queen Mother had told him. So Aguiluz drove the flute into the earth with all his might, having no clue what that would bring. Then, a wondrous thing happened. A piercing light shot forth from the wand, hiding it from sight. When the light faded, the stick was gone; in its place was a large and wondrous sword. With both hands, Aguiluz lifted his newfound weapon and wielded it proudly. This was the sword of salvation. Turning to the monster, Aguiluz swung the blade and with one stroke finished off his opponent. In an instant, the frog was gone, and the other Mulawin were back with him and were impressed by what his new weapon. “The Diwata gave it to me. Are you all right?” “Yes. Aviona found my ugatpak and I put it back on.” “Thank you, Aviona.”
“It is only right that I give back what I threw away,” said Aviona shyly. “Let’s go,” Aguiluz said. “But wait. This place looks familiar to me. I remember this cave. Dakila forbade me from coming here. He said it was too dangerous and there were many guardians in it. I guess that frog is one of them. Maybe we can use this as a shortcut.” The trio decided that this was a good move, and proceeded thus. Aguiluz looked more confident than before as he led the way. But still, they were unsure of their path. “Why don’t we try the other way?” suggested Aviona. But they could not afford to make mistakes. Bagwis’ troop moved on with Mulagat on the lead. He noticed his brother looking troubled. “Is there a problem, Habagat?” he inquired. “Mulagat has not yet accepted me,” Habagat replied. “But I understand. There’s no forgiving what I did to him.” “Time heals everything. Even anger and hurt. He will learn to accept you.”
Bagwis uttered those words as they watched the handsome figure walking ahead of them. And as the group paused for a break in their march, Habagat summoned his courage and went over to his son. “I haven’t had the chance to thank you until now,” he told him. “I only did what was right,” Mulagat answered in his slow manner. “This is not the first time I have done this. The first time…” “I hope you can forgive me.” “It is easy for me to forgive; it is hard to accept.” In Avila, in a solitary cage exposed to the bitter cold and wind, Lourdes slept on beside Aling Rosing. Their incarceration had been uneventful until now, when the old lady woke up crying from a nightmare. “I dreamed of Lino again,” she sobbed. “I don’t know what they’ve done to him!” As Lourdes tried to comfort her, Rosing told her what she remembered. She did not say how and where the Ravena had found them, nor why they were spared from immediate death. But as Rosing was being ushered into her cell, the soldiers dragged Lino away screaming… to where and for what reason, she did not know. Elsewhere, another lowlander also wondered about a lost loved one. Savannah was seated among some huge rocks, weeping for her mother. “Where could you be, Mother?” she cried aloud. “I’m such a bad daughter. I should never have left you!... What are you staring at?” A grunt was spying on her. “Will you send me away if I tell you: the one you call ‘mother’ is dead?” asked the soldier. “She was killed by your people and I think I know why. Because of you!" “You’re lying!” the girl fumed. “You’re saying that just to hurt me!” The soldier smirked. “You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to,” he answered. Mulagat observed his father sleeping. He longed to embrace the man on one hand, and yet on the other, he refused even his touch. As he pondered this, Habagat woke up and said, “Why aren’t you resting yet?” Mulagat replied, “It is good that you asked. I cannot do so. We cannot rest outside of Encantadia or we will grow weak. You should know that. You have known my mother for a long time.” “Yes, I have known Linang for a long time. I have loved her for a long time as well. I hope, no matter how little, she told you about me.” The son was not looking at him. “I have always known what my father looks like,” he said. “Mother showed me his image in the magic well. It made me so happy to see him in it, but I had to control myself because of what I promised to her.” A fairy-queen was being led by her young son across the scented gardens of Encantadia. He was a playful and mischievous child. But charming as he was, she could not resist him when he asked for something. “What are we doing here again, son?” she asked laughingly. “We keep going back to the magic well!” “Please show me Father again,” he begged. “Please!” “All right,” said Linang. “I will show him to you. But you must not tell anyone about this. Further, you must not mention his name here in Encantadia, or Queen Mother will be angry. And you may spread your wings only when nobody can see you. Is that understood?” The boy nodded; he knew how to keep his part of the bargain. Meantime, he gazed with rapt attention on the bird-man that appeared in the magic water’s surface. It was a handsome Mulawin with white and yellow feathers, soaring in the sky like an eagle. “I waited so long to meet my father,” said Mulagat, turning to look Habagat in the eye. “But it was a cruel father who welcomed me.” Linang and Muyak had been following their conversation. Now that her own anger toward Habagat had abated, the queen wished that father and son would soon be reconciled. But for the moment, she sent a beam to Mulagat as a signal that he must return home. “Mother is calling me,” he said. “Will you come back?” asked his father hopefully. But Mulagat would not be bound. “I cannot promise you that,” he answered. “Just take with you my forgiveness… and my love.” He disappeared into a portal, his father weeping after him. The Ravena monarchs strode together in Avila’s summit, pondering their next move. Thinking aloud, Rasmus said: “Father needs to know that Aguiluz is alive.” “Ravenum already knows about it,” said the queen looking up at him. “He’s planning something.” “What is he planning?” he asked. But she did not know. “Perhaps it is time for me to unleash my weapon,” he said as if in reply to his own question. While Rasmus mused over these matters, Vultra considered things on her own. “I can’t just stay here while the enemy draws near,” she thought. "Why don't I go out and find this Alwina myself? But how could I kill that girl when my heart softens in a way I don’t understand every time I see her? I can’t have peace of mind doing nothing here. I should…” Her soliloquy was interrupted by sobbing sounds. Vultra turned to the direction of the noise and beheld Savannah on her knees, calling for her mother. The queen paused, suspicious. “What are you crying over, Savannah?” she asked. Savannah looked at her, startled. She hurriedly got up and wiped her eyes. “Nothing,” she replied. “Just dust in my eyes.” “It is not safe for you to wander off to the lowlands, especially now that the enemy is everywhere. Stay here.” The girl hesitated, then asked, “Can I make a request? I left something in Tierra Fuego. I’d like to go back and get it.” “I told you, you may not leave Avila,” the queen told her sternly. “Stay here.” She could have added that there was nothing left in Tierra Fuego to begin with. As he sat face to face with Gabriel, Ravenum began to unravel his carefully woven story. If there was only thing that he had in common with Rasmus, it was the ability and the nerve to spin a web of lies with a straight face. But the father was a more convincing performer, and a wiser strategist. Keenly aware that the hiyas fragment had only limited power, Ravenum knew he must do his best and not waste time. He had to use all his powers of persuasion and argument to maneuver Gabriel where he wanted him. “You’re saying… you’re the true leader of the Mulawin?” “Yes, until I was overthrown by my enemies. I was mercilessly disowned by my own kind. Dakila usurped the throne. He is a traitor who pretends to be good.” This made sense to Gabriel. “So that’s why he hates me so much,” he said. “Because he knows that you will be his adversary when the time comes,” Ravenum explained. “We must not waste time, Gabriel. Alwina needs you, and there is something you need to know about Aguiluz.” “You mean, Aguiluz is alive?” “No, he is not. The Ravena know that Alwina is now on her way to the Mulawin tree. With the help of the traitor, Dakila, they have formed an entity now posing as Aguiluz. He is now with Alwina. The impostor has made Alwina believe his deception. When they reach the Mulawin tree, he will kill her. And when that happens, the Ravena will be victorious, and the world will forever be wrapped up in darkness.” “I don’t know if I should believe one I’d seen only in dreams and met just now. But Dakila doesn’t like me. He doesn’t trust me, maybe because he knows I’m close to Alwina. I’ll in his way. That’s why I believe you. And besides… I feel good about you.” He had, in fact, warmed up to this person already. Gabriel felt an instant liking for him. “Waste no more time,” Ravenum concluded. “Alwina needs you. The world and mankind needs you. Alwina is nearing the Mulawin tree and the dangers lying in wait for her are great. You must follow her and save her from harm. If necessary, kill the impostor!” Gabriel shook his head, saying, “I’m sorry. But it’s not in my nature to take life.” “You must do this, Gabriel.” “Why are you telling me all this?” asked the young man. Now was the moment. “It is time for you to know, Gabriel,” replied the father of the Ravena. “You are also a Sugo.”


Blogger BJSG said...

tama po kayo... baka takot ang gma na ma-pirate.. kaya di pa sila nag lalabas ng dvd/vcd...

1/06/2005 07:51:00 PM  
Blogger streetstopper said...

that sure is a risk, but who knows? maybe they will eventually.

but think about it, it would be like four or five volumes of DVD.

which one would you prefer, an edited/shortened version or the complete version sans the commercial?

1/06/2005 09:31:00 PM  

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