Monday, December 13, 2004

Who is the Sugo?

Episode for Dec 10, 2004, Friday. Seeing Alwina thus suspended, Aguiluz rushed forward wielding his stick. He struck the giant on the foot as hard as he could, while Alwina pounded away with her shawl. These seemed like pathetic weapons against the monster’s rock-solid limbs. But perhaps they had been imbued with Mulagat’s power, or the Mulawin’s own. In any case, they were effective: the stone-man let go of Alwina and fell to pieces on the ground with a loud crash. Aguiluz and Alwina hurried to each other’s side, believing this trial had come to an end. But the ground was vibrating once more, and they turned to see the scattered boulders being gathered together in a heap. It was as if a magnet were dragging them back into place and rebuilding the giant’s body. In no time at all, Ravenum’s sentinel had regained its form. It grabbed Alwina once more, and Aguiluz could only do so much for her this time. Without his wings, his range of attack was greatly limited. As he was hitting it, the monster swung its gigantic foot at him and tossed Aguiluz into the air. The Mulawin hit the ground on his back and lost consciousness. Gabriel was filled with foreboding. “Alwina needs me, I can feel it,” he muttered. As if in prayer, he closed his eyes and said, “Show me the way to Alwina.” When his eyes reopened, they knew what to do. He felt them adjust focus like a camera; his view widened and he could see at a great distance. One thing stood out and he knew instantly who it was. Gabriel’s feet raced in that direction. At the end of this spirited dash, he arrived at the battle-scene. Alwina was there, struggling in the grasp of a living colossus. “Hey, you!” he called out. “Fight me!” The giant saw the little challenger and seized him with its free hand. Gabriel felt its air-tight grip close around him, but his chest was still free. He took a deep breath, and then let out a great cry that echoed throughout the forest. The air bore away the distress-signal, and a flock of crows came to his rescue. They swarmed around the stone-man like angry bees. In its confusion, the monolith dropped its captives. Then it fell on its knees with a resounding thud, waving its arms in the air as if fighting an invisible force before finally disappearing below the earth. It was only then Gabriel and Alwina could behold each other. After so many trials, he had finally found his way to her. They whispered each other’s name, but then Alwina remembered Aguiluz. She saw him sprawled on the ground and ran to his side. “Aguiluz, wake up!” she said. Aguiluz looked up at her weakly, and noticed the man standing behind her. “Gabriel?” “Yes, it’s Gabriel,” said Alwina. “He was the one who fought the giant stone-man!” Gabriel was silent. It was Julian indeed, as Aviona had told him. So the rumors had been true. Overnight, Bagwis had become the most wanted bird-man in both Halconia and Tierra Fuego. Ravena soldiers advised their queen that Mulawin led by Bagwis had aided Halconia and abducted Kuwak and Tuka. Her conclusion was that Bagwis was showing off and seeking attention. You show up in Tierra Fuego then you dare to kidnap my aides, she thought. What are you up to, Bagwis? Just then, a haggard Rasmus entered the scene. Others were present, including Savannah. But he never noticed them. “How nice of you to show up, my dear king,” Vultra said coldly. “Here we are and our world is crumbling.” “I’ve been thinking about a lot of things,” he replied in like manner. “I think I’ll tell you the truth.” Savannah felt her heart skip a beat. “The truth about what?” asked Vultra. Rasmus spoke with difficulty, still hurting inside. “I admit… I admit that in the many times you’ve mocked me, I’ve thought of leaving… of breaking away from our marriage. But I realize that, at a time like this – when our plans have failed and everything is falling apart – we need unity. We need to stay together and be stronger.” They looked in each other’s eyes. “Pardon me, my king,” she said. Then the monarchs embraced each other in a show of reconciliation. Savannah sighed in relief. But as usual, the queen kept her own counsel. How can we have unity when I know you’re still keeping secrets from me? she wondered even as she held Rasmus in her arms. If you think I’ve forgotten that about Lourdes and Balasik, you’re mistaken. The trio continued the journey. Gabriel had heard the bulk of the story from Aviona, but he was still amazed at the great change in Alwina. “You’re not that girl anymore who hid her wings,” he said smiling. “Say,” Aguiluz remarked. “When you called those birds, how did you do that? All my life, Dakila and Alwina were the only ones I’d seen who could do that.” “I don’t know,” said Gabriel. “That’s why I’m hoping you can help me, Alwina. The answers could be here.” He showed them the green binhi. That night when they rested, Gabriel began to relate his adventures. He mentioned a dove he had caught at a wedding reception; a dove that could change into a woman, Paloma. Alwina had to tell him then the girl’s sad fate. “We knew Paloma,” she said hesitantly. “She was with us for only a day. Then she was killed by the Ravena.” Gabriel’s heart sank within him. He broke away but Alwina followed. “She loved me,” he told her. “But she left after I turned her down. I turned her down because…” He prudently held his tongue and then said, “Maybe if I didn’t turn her down, she would still be alive. I’m glad I heard this from you, Alwina. If I’d been alone, I wouldn’t know what to do.” Alwina put her arms around him to comfort him. Aguiluz saw them. Meanwhile, the rebels worked eagerly in the hope that the friendly bird-men would side with them. Lucio instructed Rudy to send their men to their hideouts and make further preparations. Procopio overheard them and went to the women to give them the news. “The men are planning something,” he said. “I think they’re going to cause an explosion and it’s got to do with the bird-men.” “Those bird-men,” said Bianca, “aren’t they Dakdak and the others?” He nodded. “Well, if you can sneak in here,” she said, “why don’t you escape and go back to them?” Procopio put his hand on the girl’s shoulder. “I won’t leave here without you.” With that, he hurried out and went back to work. Returning from a hunt, Aguiluz was now cooking supper over a fire. Gabriel and Alwina were happily conversing. Aguiluz listened in cold silence and gave some food to Alwina. She reproached him gently for not offering it first to their new member. Then she shared her food with Gabriel. Aguiluz felt the bite of venomous jealousy as he watched. Later, hearing them talk about Aviona, he blurted out, “Don’t take this the wrong way, Gabriel. But Alwina and I don’t trust friends who show up from nowhere.” Alwina turned red with embarrassment. “Please excuse him,” she said. “We’ve been through a lot.” So Gabriel went on with talk about the Taguba and the binhi, and his mysterious powers. “How come I can call birds, and see far away?” he asked. “And why do my wounds heal by themselves?” “I think we should just go on with the journey,” said Aguiluz impatiently. “Don’t you want to rest awhile?” asked Alwina, who was enjoying their talk. “Do what you want,” Aguiluz said bluntly and walked out. As Habagat set foot on Halconia, the reality of his situation hit him at once. His son was dead; Linang had practically damned him to hell; Bagwis and Dakila probably would not take him back either. Who are you kidding? he asked himself. I have nowhere to go now. I’ve got nobody to turn to. “I chose to become a Ravena,” he said aloud. “I’ll have to make the best of it. Whatever punishment Ravenum has in store for me, I will accept it. And if that be death… it would be my great pleasure.” Linang’s face twisted in anger at those words. “He made the wrong choice, Muyak,” she said furiously. “I will not help him.” “But there’s still that one thing he can do…” “No! I won’t tell him about that. He must find that out for himself. But he made the wrong decision.” Habagat went to inspect the area and found it in disarray. Soldiers reported how Bagwis and the others had come to recover the children, and left taking hostages with them. Habagat made the same judgment that Vultra did. “Seems like you’re daring me, Bagwis,” he said. “You really want us to meet again, don’t you?” Bagwis had no inkling that he was gaining such notoriety. He was trying his best to live with the motley crew he and the other Mulawin had ended up with. The group paused on the way. Wary of the Ravena, the Musang chief ordered Hampas to bind them to a tree. The cat-men could smell the tantalizing scent of fresh meat. “You know what should be done with those?” said the Musang chief. “They should be roasted!” But Dakila opposed him. “No,” he said. “We mustn’t commit such senseless murder. If we do, then we are no better than the Ravena.” So Tuka and Kuwak remained bound with ropes as they watched the Musang help themselves to a meal. Tuka was rather content, for she had asked to be taken along so that she could be with her son. But Kuwak was very angry. “Look at them,” said Tuka. “See how happy they are? They’re so good to one another.” “Good?” Kuwak said scornfully. “If they were so good, I think they’d share some of their food with us.” Lawiswis approached bringing some fruit for Tuka. “Here,” she said. “Pagaspas says it’s for you.” Then she turned to Kuwak and told him, “Sorry. Pagaspas says you need to go on a diet.” The dream about the Molave tree visited Alwina again. “You are not the Sugo,” said a female voice. “Only the true Sugo may approach the tree.” Alwina recounted this dream to Aguiluz, who had woken her up. “Think of the things Gabriel can do,” she said. “What if I’m not the true Sugo? What if it’s him?” “But we know him,” said Aguiluz. “We know who his parents are. It can’t be him. And remember what Dakila said to you. You’re the savior.” Bitter enmity toward Gabriel stirred Aguiluz’s heart; he hated seeing Alwina worried like this, and he felt that their guest was causing it. He had reason to be suspicious, of course. But there was another motive and Gabriel was not going to miss it. Next morning, Aguiluz went to Gabriel and did not mince words. “I’d like to ask a favor from you,” he said. “I’m asking you to leave.” Gabriel wondered if he heard that right. “What did you say?” “You’re just confusing Alwina,” said Aguiluz. “You’re not doing her any good. I’m her savior and protector. Leave us to do what we have to do.” Gabriel stood up. “Don’t be a hypocrite, Aguiluz,” he said. “Nobody gave you that title but yourself. I love Alwina, so I can’t leave her. Let me ask you: If you were in my shoes, would you leave her after everything you’ve gone through for her?” “Then I will fight you for Alwina,” said Aguiluz, his face hard as a stone. “I won’t back off,” answered Gabriel. They stood toe to toe like pugilists in the ring.


Blogger BATMiC said...

There's no other "SUGO" here but our only Goddess Princess AVIONA___a.k.a.__Bianca King...You either bring her back to live again or we BOYCOTT the MULAWIN!!!! CALLING PEOPLE POWER OF THE TAGAPATAG...GET READY TO STRIKE!!! & FIGHT BACK!!!

12/15/2004 07:05:00 AM  
Blogger Agnes Jimenez said...

NO. You're dead wrong. The sugo s really alwyna. That's y mulawin s there. Alwyna s the leading character n Mulawin not Aviona. Aviona is just a supporting character. getch??ciao!

12/15/2004 08:37:00 AM  
Blogger bluedove said...

non other than alwina...papangit ang story pag..iniba nila..kc it the first season they feed us that alwina is the sugo then d pla sya..tapos ng mahabang paghihintay..'wag naman papangit ang story..i'l lose my interest then kong ganun na d si alwina ang sugo!!

12/15/2004 12:52:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Hehehe... may ibang nag-che-check din pala dito for comments? :)

12/15/2004 01:25:00 PM  
Blogger moderator said...

aguiluz is the sugo and not alwina. he will die and he will back again w/ new headres and new wings..prince haruyo will return in mulawin for engkatadia part and michael roy journales is new character in mulawin dont know wat his part in mulawin...

12/16/2004 11:29:00 AM  

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