Friday, December 31, 2004

A Reunion.

Episode for Dec 30, 2004, Thursday. Dakila introduced the women-warriors thus: “This is Maningning, leader of the Taguba. Friends, I am proud to introduce to you this distinguished Mulawin, Aguiluz.” “It is an honor to meet you,” Aguiluz said to them, and they replied in kind. “According to the prophecy,” went on the sage, “the Mulawin who returns from the dead is a Sugo. Therefore, you are also a Sugo.” “So that means both Alwina and I are Sugo?” “Not everything is clear to me,” said Dakila. “I only know that you fit the definition of an emissary, based on what the Balasik told me.” Balasik had warned him of a great war that would transpire between the Mulawin and the rebels, the Ravena. “How can we prevent this?” Dakila had asked. “Order will be restored upon the arrival of the Sugo,” it replied. “Who is this?” “The Mulawin who returns from the dead is the Sugo.” Before the oracle-bird could give more specific information, Rasmus and his dark-feathered allies came to Avila and stole Balasik. “We never got it back,” Dakila told Aguiluz. “So that is all I know about the Sugo.” “Could this be what the Diwata in Encantadia were telling me about?” wondered Aguiluz. Dakila was surprised. “You remember your visit there?” he said. “That is unusual. Nobody else who goes there can recall their experience.” Aguiluz nodded, saying “I still have many things to do. My heart cries out for revenge for my mother who died Rasmus’ cruel hands. But I know that vengeance must not come first. I will fight the evil forces, not for revenge, but to help and save others.” “You remember now what happened?” “Yes. I remember everything clearly now. I saw what happened to my father as he died saving the Mulawin egg.” Aguiluz also disclosed the changes he had noticed in himself: how he retained his wings even in daytime; how he could fly all day without tiring, and how the memory of his past had been restored to him. “Now, waste no more time,” Dakila ordered. “Go and find Alwina. Together you must journey to the Mulawin tree. And for the first time, I ask you to forgive me for all the wrongs I have done to you in the past.” Aguiluz told him, “I never knew my mother, and my father died early. You were the only parent I ever knew. And since I lost my memory, it seems that we have not seen each other in a long time. There’s a lot that I wish to say to you. But like you said, we must not waste time.” He stretched out those magnificent wings and lifted himself up into the heavens. Like a weakened Samson deprived of his locks, Alwina now lay helpless on the ground without her most vital plume. But she remained defiant. “You’re not our friend!” she told her adversary. “Whoever you are taking possession of Aviona, you won’t succeed! I will never tell you where the Mulawin tree is!” “Is that so?” said the other Mulawin coolly. “All right. Say goodbye to your ugatpak then.” She swung her arm as if to cast away the feather. “No!” Alwina shouted. But she was only buying time. Daybreak arrived and still she had not divulged her secret. “Well?” said the demon in Aviona. “It’s morning and still you haven’t told me anything. I’m getting impatient. If you’re no use to me, I’ll just kill you!” She flung the ugatpak overhead amid Alwina’s despairing protests. Then she turned on the Sugo to strangle her since, unlike other bird-men, Alwina could survive longer without the plume. Now Aguiluz had been soaring all day and spotted them in the greenwood below. He saw the white ugatpak fly through the air into the distance, but decided to save Alwina first. Swift as the wind the Emissary came to the scene. Aviona turned and saw him. “Aviona?” he said. “You’re alive!” She touched his handsomely chiseled face. “And you, Aguiluz!” she exclaimed. “You’re alive too!” Whatever was all the fuss about Avila, Savannah noticed none of it. Paradise though it was to the bird-men, she could see nothing but rocky monuments and sweeping clouds where she was. “Hey, you!” she yelled at a Ravena officer. “Take me to the lowland now! Get me out of this place!” “Let’s wait for what the Queen has to say,” he told her. Then a Hunyango spy materialized, slithering as usual. “King Rasmus is busy,” said the Ravena. “Say what you want and I will report it to him…. What? Lowlanders are on the way here?” Savannah interrupted their conversation. “What lowlander?” she asked. “Who are you talking about?” Meanwhile, Vultra had seen the new Aguiluz in the pillar of black smoke. “Aguiluz is alive!” she cried with dismay. “But Rasmus already killed him! Lord Ravenum, how is this possible?” “This can mean only one thing,” Ravenum told her. “Aguiluz is also a Sugo. They are on the way to Avila. We must not waste time. I must take action. Give me the hiyas now!” So the queen removed the necklace and put forth her hand. The necklace was sucked into the smoke like in a vacuum, and disappeared. Ravenum was gone. Just at that moment, Rasmus entered the scene. “What is my queen up to now?” he asked in greeting. “Aguiluz is alive,” Vultra fumed. “Aguiluz is alive!” Rasmus saw the Mulawin’s profile in their monitor and paled with anger. He snuffed out the incense stick and angrily cast it aside. “How can that be?” he roared. “I already killed him! Ravenum’s poison is deadly! How did he come back to life? Why did he come back to life?” “Balasik said that the Mulawin who is resurrected is a Sugo.” “The next time I see him, I’ll make sure he follows his father, Aguilar, to the other world!” “When Alwina returned to life, she became much stronger than before. I wonder what new powers Aguiluz now brings with him.” One of their officers arrived with no better tidings. He regretted having to intrude, but it was an important matter. “A Hunyango reported to me that the lowlanders have joined forces with Bagwis and are now marching toward Avila,” he said. Rasmus felt as if his head would explode. “Now I don’t know which to deal with first!” the king snarled. “Anyway, Bagwis, I knew you’d come here to follow Lourdes and…” He cast a sideways glance at his wife and caught himself. Then he told the officer, “Go and lead the army against those people. I had long prepared one special Ravena who can finish off Aguiluz.” In this first surprise at seeing each other, the two Mulawin had forgotten Alwina. She had staggered off to safety and hid behind some trees. Aguiluz followed her and called out her name. Alwina might have wondered if she had died from the loss of her ugatpak. She was looking at a dead man after all. In her utter amazement, it took Alwina several moments to find her voice. Finally, she cried, “Aguiluz, you’re alive! I don’t want to think that this is only a dream!” “No, Alwina,” he replied calmly. “This isn’t a dream. I’m real. And we were meant to be together because we are one. I came back from the dead just like you, because I am also a Sugo. Now we will be together until the end of the mission. You and I are what the world needs. So be strong.” But this was a different Aguiluz from the one she had known. Even the reclusive Mulawin who had watched over her in Tierra Fuego was nothing like this. An aura of power now enveloped him, an awesome presence that could not be explained. Alwina wrapped her arms lovingly around him, even as a jealous Aviona looked on. Suddenly Alwina remembered her ugatpak and mentioned it to Aguiluz. “I saw where it fell,” he told her. “Let’s go get it.” Then a furious Aviona attacked him. Aguiluz blocked off her blows with his arms, and then held her down. “Aviona, this is your friend, Aguiluz!” he said, looking at her intently as if to persuade her with his gaze. “We grew up together. We learned to fly together. We dreamed together. I know that there’s an evil spirit trying to take control of you and ruin you. But I know you have true love within you. You have a noble heart, Aviona. Fight that being inside you! I know you can beat it!” Aviona struggled as he gripped her wrists, and then Perena’s fire glowed mysteriously. The girl fell unconscious into her friend’s arms. Alwina smiled at them, quite relieved. As night fell over the land, Bagwis paused at a clearing and turned to the crowd. “Let us rest here for a while,” he told them. Then he confided in his brother Habagat, “I don’t know if it was a good idea to take them with us. Then again, they would not have been safe anywhere if we left them behind.” Habagat, who had been quiet all along, said, “I don’t know either. I just know I’m glad to have the sympathy of these people.” Bagwis was deep in thought, and said, “I still haven’t forgotten that these people were the reason why we the Mulawin fought among ourselves, and the rebels became Ravena. I still remember that it was they who destroyed my friendship with Rasmus.” He was almost tearful as he reminisced about the past. Like his elder, Dakila, Bagwis still regretted the loss of an old friend, who now had become his sworn enemy. It was nothing short of a tragedy, not only for them, but for whole races of men and bird-men. “Friends became enemies,” he said. “The Mulawin and lowlanders used to be friends, but not anymore. Yet, I do not regret my decision. They may have become hostile to us. But I will still defend them with all my strength until I die.” Habagat replied, “I’ll be right behind you, Bagwis. Go on. I will keep watch over here.” But the hour for defense arrived just as he had uttered those words. Suddenly a barrage of gunfire startled them and threw the people into a panic. Ravena soldiers in the air were spraying them with a lethal rain of bullets.


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oh my in maganda nanaman ang so happy talaga..i have so many reason to watch it..of course aviona alive..and not being possed by perena.second aguiluz remember avoina as her childhood friend..then mulagat is also alive..i hope paloma will live again..para complete na..tnx mulawin for bringing back my idol aviona..AVIONA ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

1/03/2005 07:57:00 PM  
Blogger joyce said...

aviona..your the best keep it up girl

1/05/2005 03:30:00 PM  

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