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Episode for Dec 14, 2004, Tuesday. Alwina sped back to rescue Aguiluz, who had seen her lift up Gabriel to safety first. But she came back for him as well just as the waterfall was about to carry him away. She conveyed him to dry land beside Gabriel who exclaimed, “The green binhi! I think I dropped it!” Finding an excuse to be angry once again, Aguiluz scolded him. “I knew it! We shouldn’t have trusted you with the green binhi! What if something happens to one of us now?” “Stop it, Aguiluz!” said Alwina. “It’s not his fault that the binhi was lost.” “Yeah, go on and defend him. We all know that he can’t go wrong, right?” He stomped off wet and dripping, and Alwina followed. “Aguiluz, what’s happening to you?” she asked. “Now I know he’s more important to you,” he told her. Alwina was hurt and confused. She had just saved his life yet Aguiluz looked anything but grateful. “You’re both important to me,” she said. “That’s why I saved you both.” “You saved Gabriel first.” “We’ve been through so much. You’ve proven that you can take care of yourself better than he.” “You’re right,” said Aguiluz angrily. “I can take care of myself. But it’s still easy for me to get hurt inside. I used to come first to you, but since he got here, it’s always been him.” In Aguiluz’s view, Gabriel had become a god to Alwina. While they rested, Aguiluz kept a cold distance from the other two. Alwina spoke her mind. “You know, I’m not used to you acting like this,” she told him. “Our lives are in danger, and here you are acting like a child. Gabriel isn’t useless to us. He watches out for us. I thought that was your job, Aguiluz.” Later, Gabriel apologized to Alwina. “I’m sorry for the trouble,” he said. “You almost got killed because I insisted on changing direction. And now you two have a fight.” But Alwina would not put the blame on him. Gabriel then warned his companions about Haraya. “The reason why I didn’t want us to go there is a bird. Once you hear its song, you’ll feel like you’re being pulled deep inside a cave that you can’t see. And then, before you know it, you’ve turned to stone.” “Well, if it’s just a bird you’re scared of,” said Aguiluz, “then don’t listen.” Gabriel tried to keep cool. “Easy to say,” he replied, “but hard to do when you’re there.” As they debated over the matter, an idea presented itself to Aguiluz. “Few birds I know can fly as fast as the Mulawin can,” he told them. “Why don’t we fly?” “How? Alwina can’t carry us both,” said Gabriel. “We’ll wait until sunset. I’ll have wings by then. I’ll even carry you myself. You don’t have wings, anyway, do you, Gabriel?” Aguiluz’s hostile gaze was fixed upon his rival. The thought of being in the arms of this angry fellow (who probably would want to throw him off) did not thrill Gabriel, of course. But there was no other option in sight. So they traveled on with this strategy in mind. In a secluded area in Tierra Fuego, Vultra had shown her mate the ball of fire. He was bent on one knee, gazing intently upon the monitor. “They are nearing Avila now,” she told him. “We’ve been so occupied with the problems here at Tierra Fuego. We’ve forgotten about the Mulawin emissary.” Like a candle that is snuffed out, the fireball suddenly faded into thin air and was no more. Rasmus was surprised; he combed the air with his hand as if to feel for it. “Um, why did it go out?” he asked. “It has run out of energy,” Vultra explained. “Even a powerful being like Perena has limits to her ability.” The king stood up and looked her in the eye. “Lord Ravenum is now in Avila,” he said. “If the Mulawin reach it, we will no longer be able to save face.” But doubts made Vultra hesitant, and now a voice in her head seemed to be telling her not to harm the Mulawin Sugo. What could that mean? “Is something bothering you, my dear queen?” asked Rasmus. “Nothing,” she replied. Nothing she could admit to him. “Then are you ready to kill the Sugo?” Vultra replied in the affirmative. This was a matter of political survival for them. They had to eliminate Alwina before Ravenum could even meet her. It was the only way to salvage their honor now. The Perico questioned one another about the explosion. In reality, they were as clueless as the Ravena. Guards stood ready to take orders from Habagat, but their commander had none to give. “We’re not going to do anything,” he said. “But Sir Habagat!” cried one of his officers. “We’re not going to do anything because I don’t know what our next move should be!” he shouted. “Now, if you want to do something, then go escort that pest – Vultra’s daughter. That’s your next move.” The soldier took Savannah by the arm and ushered her back into the mansion. She angrily broke off from his hold. Now, more and more, she was being mocked and dared by the Ravena soldiers who doubted her claims. The death of one of their comrades and the explosion at the storehouse had dismayed them. If she was really psychic, why had she not been able to foresee those events? “ “Don’t treat me like this!” she told them. “I’m your princess!” “That could change,” said one soldier. Savannah muttered curses to herself as she withdrew into the mansion. She refused to let the soldier’s taunts affect her, yet still, fear had been roused in her heart. Now Lourdes was about to emerge from her hiding-place beneath a trap-door. Feeling Savannah’s presence, she shut it down again. Savannah heard the noises and looked around the room. She noticed the trap-door (it was of a different shade than the floor) and opened it. Peering inside, the girl decided to go down and investigate. “What a strange house Lucio has!” she said to herself. Down in that room, Lourdes had hidden herself behind huge blocks of wood. She would probably have been discovered – and killed – right then, but a Ravena sentry’s voice was calling for the princess. “Right here!” she called back and left. Later, Lucio returned to the hideout and Lourdes told him what had happened. Meanwhile, Savannah was in hot water again. “We want more of your premonitions,” the sentry told her. “Excuse me!” Savannah shot back. “I don’t give predictions to just anyone. Only to my parents.” “Maybe you shouldn’t be so picky,” the soldier warned. “You don’t have to be psychic to know what will happen to you once you’re no longer useful to us Ravena.” “You better watch your mouth or I’ll report you!” “Do that! I’m just telling the truth: you’re useless to us now!” It was not the last argument of the day for Savannah. She ran into another trooper who had dragged her mother Yolly from the field and taken her to the mansion. Savannah rebuked the guard and he left them alone. Savannah burst into tears upon seeing her real mother, but it was Yolly’s turn to reject her. “Has your royal mother disowned you,” said she, “that you now remember to call me ‘mommy’?” “Have pity on me,” the girl cried. “I’m scared. They want information from me. Can you help me?” So she wanted details about the rebellion! “What do you think I am?” asked the older woman. “You think I’d betray those who fight for the greater number of people? For what? For personal gain?” “But what about me?” Savannah was almost screaming like an animal under the butcher’s knife. “If I can’t give them any information, they’ll kill me!” She brought the woman before the Ravena soldiers. “I’ve had a vision that this woman can inform us about what’s going on,” she told them. “Woman, is that true?” they asked. The scene was in one of the darkest quarters in Halconia. Vultra had been first to prepare her weapon, a finely decorated blade with a most deadly edge. Now it was Rasmus’ turn. There was a small pot there with fluid content glowing like lava and giving off strong fumes. He knelt down and dipped his claws in the pot. When he raised it, the claws were soaked in Ravenum’s poison, fatal for any Mulawin. The king and queen of the Ravena now headed for what could be the most crucial battle of their careers. It was left to the children to decide when and if the Ravena hostages should be fed. Lawiswis saw to it that Tuka was well-fed, as Pagaspas wished. For Kuwak no provisions were made, since Gus disliked his attitude. “Be good like me,” said his partner. “Let’s take sides with them now!” Now, Kuwak was a real bird-brain whose nerve-centers were in his belly; this seemed like a good idea to him. So Lawiswis came to Dakila and Bagwis with this news. Tuka confirmed it saying, “I will do this for my son’s sake, so that I can stay with him.” As Kuwak observed, they had always fouled up whatever Rasmus and Vultra ordered them to do; they made bad Ravena after all. Bagwis looked on incredulously. “Do you think they can be trusted?” he asked Dakila. “Nothing is certain in this world,” Dakila replied. “All I know is, as a parent, I will do anything for my child.” As the sky darkened, Aguiluz spoke up. “Now sunset will be here soon.” “But you won’t live to see another sunrise,” said a wicked voice in front of them. The trio looked around and saw a bird-man and a bird-woman with red and black plumage approaching them. From their look and bearing, it was obvious that these were Ravena of distinction and high rank. “At last, we meet, Sugo,” said the queen. “I will fight you, Vultra,” replied Alwina, squaring off. They faced off three on two. Vultra and Alwina took their duel into the air. The Ravena conjured a ball of fire in her hand and cast it at Alwina, who repelled it with her shawl. Vultra fired the same weapon again. This time, Alwina caught the fiery missile in her cloth and drove it back to her adversary. It hit Vultra square in the trunk and sent her reeling across the sky. Meanwhile, Gabriel threw himself at Rasmus; the king knocked him aside with a left hook to the stomach, leaving only Aguiluz to challenge him. The two exchanged blows at close-range, Aguiluz hitting with his stick as well as a few solid jabs. Rasmus had his poison-laced claws, but he was not going to use them… yet. He struck his opponent and Aguiluz retreated. Rasmus followed that up by launching a throwing star. The blade sped through the air with deadly accuracy, and ripped a wound on Aguiluz’s side. The Mulawin collapsed writhing in pain. The two queens were now fighting on the ground. A wave of jaw-breaking punches flew. Vultra boxed her counterpart here and there with her weighty dagger. Alwina thrust a kick on her thigh. Hurt and angered, Vultra then struck with such force that pushed Alwina off her feet. Taking a good look at that angelic face, the Ravena queen moved in for the kill. The blade in her hand glistened with venom.


Blogger Quill Driver said...

South Rock,
Somebody is copying your summaries and posting them at Pinoy Exchange (requires registration to access). Are you the same person? :)

12/15/2004 09:59:00 PM  
Blogger streetstopper said...

seems like some of the pics on this pinoy exchange page are also found on this and this network pages.

hmmm...makes me wonder who posted these grabs first LOL!

12/15/2004 11:52:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Quill DRiver & streestopper,

No, it is not me. And the only person I gave permission (and who asked) to copy them us DH Brix. If you are registered users to that forum, then please post there and inform the members of the original source. Post the link to the Mulawin Network and the VIOLET channel if there aren't any, and most importantly, to the disclaimer I put a while ago. It's here in my blog (About this Blog). I don't want this thing to get messed up over the copyright thing, and I want people to undertand that these are unofficial accounts. It's also important that nobody pretends to own what somebody else has made. I don't pretend to really own it, of course, and that's one reason why I'd like them to see my disclaimer.

Sorry that I can't deal with this right now as I'm on the run this morning. Cheers. :)

12/16/2004 07:02:00 AM  
Blogger moderator said...

aguiluz is the sugo and not alwina. he will die and he will back again w/ new headres and new wings..prince haruyo will return in mulawin for engkatadia part and michael roy journales is new character in mulawin dont know wat his part in mulawin...

south- im the one who post the summary of mulawin in pex because elaine give it to me dont know that ur the one who ryt it.(elaine is one of gma 7 staff (i dont want to elaborate wat management coz maybe she doesnt wat to tell that she is reading the summary of urs.)

she is the one who give the link of

but i only browse the site and not read all the blog so i didnt see ur network.

12/16/2004 11:32:00 AM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Thank you, moderator. You do mean Elaine is a member of your forum and she sent you the link? It's okay. I hope you like it. :) I hope everyone likes it. I don't have time to edit it that much.

12/16/2004 01:56:00 PM  
Blogger streetstopper said...

south rock,

i had to register, only just to see it for myself.

gma network inc owns the rights of/to mulawin and they can distribute it in any form they want and deem proper.

i however wish to ask reposters to please include a link to where the reposted content is originally found, at least out of respect to the author of the content...para mas masaya!fish tayo :-)

12/16/2004 03:36:00 PM  
Blogger Splasher said...

Attribution is one important aspect of blogging and web publication in general. If one gets an excerpt from another site, a link back must be provided. A lot of Filipino bloggers got angery with inq7 because it did not, and maybe does not, until now, linkback to its sources.

GMA 7 owns even works that are derived from their original creation, so baka di tayo makaangal. Pero di naman masama kung mag-link back sila, di ba? So we know who to blame and who shares the praise. Afterall, kung walang fans... :)

12/16/2004 09:18:00 PM  
Blogger Splasher said...

Plus, the links also help us find kindred minds. :)

12/16/2004 09:28:00 PM  
Blogger moderator said...

south- we the pmrc members happy for ur summary ...really the best dont worry i will post ur link and i told elaine about it....

if u have time visit the site of richard and also chynna plus the site of pmrc :)

12/16/2004 10:29:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Hi moderator, splash & streestopper,

Thanks for your comments and compliments. I will visit those sites when I can. But pardon my ignorance... what is PMRC? I'm not really into showbiz, sorry. Nice to know another Mulawin fan. Take care. ;)

12/17/2004 07:20:00 AM  
Blogger streetstopper said...

south rock,

i have the same question, too. i'm sorry but i'm not familiar with pmrc.

and thanks to moderator for joining in. we now know how big a fan you are. :-)

ahh...pmrc stands for perfect matcgh richard chynna. 'yun pala yun.

12/17/2004 09:06:00 AM  
Blogger South Rock said...

moderator, I sent a private message to chynnachard in the PEX forum. I am assuming it's you. And the message has nothing to do with either epsiode-summaries or copyrights. I hope you consider what I said in it. Just a bit concerned. Thanks for posting. :)

12/17/2004 09:55:00 AM  
Blogger moderator said...

yah dont worry i wll not give the full spoiler :) i have a pix of mulawin here the pix

during taping of mulawin

12/17/2004 10:55:00 PM  
Blogger moderator said...

yah dont worry i wll not give the full spoiler :) i have a pix of mulawin here the pix
here yung links ng pix :)

during taping of mulawin

12/17/2004 11:02:00 PM  

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