Saturday, December 04, 2004

Editor's Comments: Learning Our Lessons.

Greetings, mga kapuso.
First, I hope that the passage of typhoon Yoyong through our land has seen you and your loved ones unharmed. Winnie showed us the damaging effects of rampant logging and quarrying in the mountains and forests. I really wish that we Filipinos will learn our lesson this time and remember it. We had been taught the same lesson in the Ormoc tragedy, but as can be seen, the warning was disregarded.
Although, at the heart of it, Mulawin is just a story - a love story - made for our entertainment, it also conveys moral lesons for young and old alike. I know the writers and directors are careful not to get political or activist. But the show does bear the environmentalist's message in it. Trees are a source of life and strength, not just for mythical bird-men, but for us flesh-and-blood human beings, and all other creatures. Trees and mountains are also defenses against natural calamities. Nature causes these calamities, but she also provides means to defend ourselves from them. If you don't know, for example, the Sierra Madre mountain-range breaks the strength of passing storms and causes them to weaken. Trees, of course, hold the earth together and absorb water, preventing flash-floods. Also, did you know that the great forest ranges in South America known as the Amazon rainforest helps regulate world-temperature? It's like an air-conditioning unit on a global scale. That's what I remember from the Untamed Amazonia series in the Discovery Channel. (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.)
Nothing exists without a purpose. God (or Nature if you prefer) has not created anything useless. Not even you! :)


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