Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Stand for the Good.

Episode for Nov 10, 2004, Wednesday. For real heroes, to not do good only means adding to the evil already in the world. Linang knew that she would no longer be able to protect her son once he set foot on the waste-lands. Not only that, but his long absence from Encantadia was weakening him. So she sent him a beam as a sign that he must return home. A small quarrel had broken out between Wis and Gus and like an elder brother, the Encantado mediated between them. “Even when you argue, never forget that you are friends and why you became friends,” he told them. But no sooner had he reconciled them than he received the fairy queen’s message. So he said goodbye and disappeared into a portal. The children wailed and called after him as the others consoled them. Linang pleaded with her son to remain with her. She knew how dangerous the journey was going to be, and he might not survive. Although she admired his noble aspirations, yet she could not bear the thought of losing him, her only child. He answered that he did not want to be parted from her either. “But if everyone thinks that way, then evil has truly conquered the world,” he said. “All that evil needs to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Only with Alwina’s group have I found meaning in my life. Only now do I feel that I have a purpose.” Seeing her entreaties were in vain, Linang tearfully embraced him. “Stay here awhile and gather strength. Then go and take my love with you.” By now, Paloma had realized that she was only fooling herself around Gabriel. She had heard it from his own lips that he still loved Alwina, not her. He didn’t want to lead her on a vain hope. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he added. “If only there were room in my heart for you, I would love you like you deserve.” So, watching him sleep that night, she bade him farewell. “I took the chance that maybe someone would still love me,” she said. “Now I know I am fated to be alone. Don’t blame yourself for my own decision.” By next morning, she was gone.. Vultra sent for Savannah. She demanded proof from the girl to support her claims. “If I find out you’re lying, I’ll cut your throat,” she warned. Savannah then showed her the faked scar, claiming her father’s family shares the same birthmark. As she gazed on it, Vultra was startled by a flashback. She, as Veronica, had seen that same mark before on Bagwis’ arm. He told her that his ancestors had had it too. It was said that whoever bore that mark would one day rule the Mulawin. Vultra looked dreamy-eyed for a few moments. “Then it’s true,” she said. In the women’s quarters, Savannah rejoiced with her mother, thinking this would mean better treatment for them both. But their rejoicing was cut short when Vultra walked in. She interrogated Savannah’s “foster” mother about how she had adopted the girl. By sheer luck and guesswork, the woman came up with a story that actually described how Lourdes had found Alwina: as an egg that hatched with a baby in it. Vultra was satisfied and wasted no more time. She bid them say farewell to each other, and dragged off Savannah by the arm. The girl followed unwillingly, her true mother crying after her. Vultra brought her before Ravenum, requesting that he transform her into a Ravena as well. But the impostor flinched at this. Vultra (failing to consider her own fearsome looks) could not understand why Savannah did not want to become like her. “Not unless,” she added, “you are not really my daughter.” But Ravenum would not put the blame on the girl, and instead sent for another human being to be used as an example. A prisoner was thrown in. Ravenum struck him with his mysterious power to change him into a Ravenaa. The man seemed to burn alive as Savannah watched in horror, wondering what she had gotten herself into. As the group neared the waste-lands, the trees were now quite thin and malnourished, and the ground parched and cracked. Aguiluz noticed none of these. He was thinking of Aviona, wishing to see her and tell her that she had been right after all: maybe he should have stayed behind. At that very moment in Aliwalas, the figure of a lone Mulawin kept vigil. She was on her knees, her arms and hands folded in solemn prayer. “Almighty God,” she whispered, “guide Aguiluz and the others in their quest for the tree. Help them return here safely. Help him return to me.” Mulagat rejoined the group that night, welcomed happily by Gus and Wis. So they resumed their journey. By daybreak, the band had arrived at the wastelands. Behind them were the great mountains and forests. Before them they could see naught but an endless barren desert with no trees, no water and perhaps no life and hope.


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