Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Some Mulawin Links.

Hi guys. Here are some Mulawin links for a change. But first, I want to say that I really liked the past few episodes. Yes, the SFX can use improvement. The action sequences and camera movements are still clumsy by international standards. But let's give the Mulawin crew the credit that they deserve. This is a pioneering work in Philippine television. I am really proud of the show as a Filipino. I hope that they will make more fantasy shows and movies in the future with more advanced effects.
I must also applaud the actors for their performances, and the writers for the nice twists in the story (so far). It is good to see more of Aviona now, of course. I'm not really bothered by this new "development" involving her and Terong. I think it's a nice touch of humor now that the show has been so serious lately. It's okay, although I can also understand how die-hard Bianca Knig fans feel about this. When I first heard the Aviona-Terong pair suggested, I said it was "really insulting." But if it's just Terong who has a crush on her, then it's a pretty funny setup that's good for some laughs. I trust the writers will do justice to Aviona anyway. They won't make her look stupid.
The actors are great. The only one I do not really like is Tanya Garcia as Paloma. But we'll see. Maybe now that she's been reunited with Dakila, and more significance is given to the character, this will improve. Bianca King, of course, is mesmerziing as Aviona. Angel Locsin really does look like a warrior-princess in the tradition of Xena in her new outfit; Richard Gutierrez makes me think of a young Superman. Gary Estrada and Ara Mina are perfect as the Ravena king and queen (albeit she wasn't first choice, I heard... too bad for whoever that was). Sam the child actor is brilliant as Wis. Amy Austria, of course, needs no introduction. Karen de los Reyes deserves an award as Savannah. I also like Mulagat and the others. I wish that Bagwis would show more guts and steel though. He's always falling and hurting himself. i also want to see his character developed some more. Kind of one-dimensional compared to the others.
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Blogger djbrix said...

The Role of Vultra was really not for Ara Mina, it was first offered to Dina Bonnevie dati kaya lang nalaman ng GMA na pumirma na siya ng Kontrata sa Kapamilyak? Tama ba? Peace out...

11/18/2004 10:35:00 AM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Thanks for the tip, djbrix. :) I also heard that Azunta da Rossi (sp?) was also considered for the role but she had a contract with that same network.

Um... it sounds like a blessing in disguise to me that neither of them got the role. :D

11/18/2004 02:59:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Oh heck,

I think it was supposed to be Annabelle Rama. Hehehehe.... now THAT would've been something. She could've made a love-team with Dakila and played Alwina's grandparents. LOL

11/18/2004 03:40:00 PM  

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