Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Rasmus Weaves a Tale.

Episode for Nov 16, 2004, Tuesday. Vultra’s past was like a sunken rock that Rasmus had hoped would never resurface. But it did, and now it was causing ripples in their marriage. Big ones. Sinking it again or burying it would not do; he had to smash it. Not only would he get to keep his lady if he succeeded; he could also regain his father’s trust. He informed the queen that her daughter had a message for her. So Vultra sent for the girl and waited for her to speak. Savannah knew who had set this up. Wishing to extricate herself, she babbled about some things that were of no import. But her lying eyes gave her away. “What does my daughter want to tell me, Rasmus?” Vultra asked. And it was then that the girl saw him standing in a corner, watching them. “Let it come from her own lips, my dear,” he replied. Now Savannah knew that she was trapped. She had to play the game with him now. “I have to tell you something about my father,” she began. “Your father? Bagwis?” “No, no,” she stammered. “He is not my father.” “What? Who is your father then?” Savannah cast a fearful glance at the king. “Rasmus. He is my real father.” This hit Vultra like a blow in the face. “What? How is that possible?” Then Rasmus came forward. “That is true,” he told her. “It’s a mistake for you to think that Bagwis is her father.” Then he turned the tables on his rival. He told her that he had always been her true love, and that it was Bagwis who had tried to come between them. She should not trust her vague recollections, he said; but rather, trust him who by now had proven himself to be a faithful spouse and lover. And to cap it all, he showed her his “birthmark.” Vultra was flabbergasted by this new twist. She asked to be left alone with her husband, who went on with his story. “When I saw the child, I was shocked,” he told her. “She was different. She had no wings. I knew that the other Ravena would kill her, so I did what I thought was best and sent her away to live like a normal human being.” “If that is true, why is it only now that you tell me this?” “Because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” This old excuse angered her. “Liar! Since when did you care about my feelings?” “Believe it or not, I think of nothing but how you feel.” And how to lie to her too. The queen’s mind was like scrambled eggs at this point. Rasmus saw his chance. “Think about it,” he said earnestly. “Why was Ravenum so kind to her when you brought the girl to him? Trust me, if it had been anyone else, he would’ve killed her on the spot. But no, he will not kill his own grandchild.” In the desert, the battle raged. Mulagat looked on helplessly when he noticed the earth shaking anew, but not from the weight of the monster. This was an earthquake that now ripped a gaping crevice in the ground. Now they had to take to the skies and flee. But sunrise was fast approaching. A brief glimpse of the sun nearly cost Aguiluz his wings. They had to escape before daybreak. “Have faith!” Dakila cried. And, as if in answer to their prayers, the clouds covered the sky once more. This bought the young Mulawin enough time to rescue Alwina yet again. The scorpion had caught her between its fingers as she took flight, and now threatened to break her leg. Aguiluz dashed at the pincer with all his might. Distracted, the beast dropped its catch. Alwina sped away with the rest to safety. The unfortunate beast itself fell through the chasm and was seen no more. Their enemies anxiously watched these events. Perena seemed worried and this did not help Habagat’s spirits. “What happened?” he cried. “I thought you were supposed to throw them into the pit! But instead, it’s the giant scorpion that fell into it!” “Quiet!” Ravenum scolded him. “Your whining is not going to help!” But the commander was frantic. “Are we just going to stand here and watch?” He turned to the Diwata. “Do something! Send more forces against them!” “Shut up, Habagat!” she snapped. “I know what I’m doing. Don’t boss me around!” Aviona seemed not to notice her secret admirer. She paid no attention to Terong except when he annoyed her. But she and Gabriel had many stories to tell each other. He learned from her about Alwina’s mission, her identity as the Mulawin leader, and the quest she had embarked upon. “I always knew that Alwina had an important mission,” he said. “But I understand it better now.” The two men asked who had accompanied her. “It can’t be just Gus and Wis,” said Terong. “They’re just kids!” “Of course not!” Aviona snapped. “There were others, like Dakila, Bagwis, Aguiluz, many others.” The name rang a bell in Gabriel’s head. “Aguiluz? That sounds familiar to me.” He gathered his thoughts about him. “Yes, Paloma mentioned him to me. She told me he is in love with Alwina. Who is this Aguiluz?” Aviona knew too well what he was talking about. More than she would care to admit. “Gabriel,” she began, “that one you know as Julian, and the one named Aguiluz, are one and the same.” Later that day, Bianca came to Gabriel bringing some fresh leaves for his wounded leg. He politely insisted on changing the dressing himself. “I don’t want our new friends to know the strange things about me,” he told Terong. Then he applied the leaves to his wound and showed it to his friend. It healed miraculously before their eyes, not even leaving a scar. They marveled at this but kept silent. Savannah was in deep water. When she ran into her mother in Tierra Fuego, she disowned the woman in front of everyone and went away. Guilt stung her over this, but it was swim or sink for her at this point. Rasmus had renewed his threat to her that night when she made fun of his scar. So Savannah had to make the best of it. Hoping to make a good impression, she went to Vultra and told her that Alwina was still alive. The queen was startled and hurried to report this in Halconia. Rasmus, too, was surprised by the news, but not Ravenum. “I didn’t want you to interfere with my directives to Habagat to kill her,” he told them, “so I never told you.” At that moment, the proud Habagat showed up beside Ravenum. This was a huge embarrassment for the king and queen. The Mulawin group almost went mad with joy when they reached the forest that evening. At long last, they had arrived on familiar territory! It was good that they did, for Gus by now sounded like a Perico, parroting his own words, “I’m thirsty! I’m hungry!” over and over again. Now, there were trees! Now there was water! The children leapt with joy; Dakdak regained his strength; and Mulagat returned to Encantadia for a brief reunion with his mother. She received him with open arms and told him how proud she was of him. “Praise God for our deliverance!” cried Dakila. “Sing praises to the Almighty Bathala!” They all rose to offer their prayers when Bagwis heard the flapping of wings overhead. It was the slow flapping of large raptor’s wings, like a bird-man’s. “Somebody’s coming,” he warned. Then a lean female figure swooped down through the trees and stood awkwardly before them. Dakila froze in his tracks when he saw the girl. He had not seen her in a long time, but there was no mistaking her. It was Paloma.


Blogger Quill Driver said...

So that's where Paloma went. I thought it was her time to have less exposure. :)

11/17/2004 07:15:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Sometimes, we get what we wish for. :) After last night, it looks like that just happened. I knew it had to be either her or Dakila. But he's too important; they would never find the Molave tree without him. Now, Bagwis? I woldn't have been that surprised if he got killed (he's always getting whipped), but I knew he wouldn't die.

Paloma is really no big loss. I wish they'd found a more important role for her before killing her off. That way, one would feel that she was added there for some special reason. But that's okay. I hope there'll be a few more heartbreaking losses as the story nears its ending (IF they decide to end it at all). Of course, we wouldn't enjoy that. But that would make the battles realistic.

I'm curious now about what will happen to Gabriel now that he's on his own.

11/18/2004 06:54:00 AM  

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