Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mark of a Born Leader.

Episode for Nov 8, 2004, Monday. Now, Kuskos had seen a woman morph into a Hunyango. The Musang knew that this must be the person they were searching for. But fearing that no one would believe her story, she approached Mulagat first. Standing there alone, the Encantado seemed like an ethereal figure in his flowing white garb. “Mulagat!” she hissed. “Isn’t it a woman they’re looking for?” His face was deadpan. “I think it is safe to assume that. They are looking for Alwina’s mother. Where have you heard of a mother who is a man?” “But I saw a woman out there change into a Hunyango. I think that’s the same woman.” “You are saying that is not really Alwina’s mother, but a Hunyango?” Then he paused and said, “You know…. I think that’s just hunger, Kuskos. You better stay way from Mayi.” The group persisted in their search for Lourdes, wandering hither and thither, calling her name. But only their own echoes answered them. Day broke and still no sign of her. Dakila expressed doubt once again, and so did Dakdak. Suddenly, the skies darkened and a heavy downpour of rain fell on them. The bird-men’s feathers were badly soaked and they ran for shelter among the trees. In another part of the forest, the weather was quite pleasant. This day went by uneventfully for the trio of Gabriel, Terong and Paloma. But the bird-woman was content just to serve the apple of her eye – even for nothing in return, and she told him this. Gabriel was embarrassed by this open display of affection, and being teased by Terong did not help. “I may be rich,” Gabriel told Paloma after taking a bath in the river, “but I have only a simple dream: to have my own family with the bird-woman I love, and live somewhere high as if we were in heaven.” Paloma beamed at that, quite sure that it was an allusion to her and not to someone else. “Really?” she exclaimed. “I’m so happy to hear that. I have the same dream for you and me and our family!” Gabriel politely excused himself so that he could get dressed. Whether he meant her or Alwina he did not say. But it is clear to Terong as well as the viewers that he is becoming more and more appreciative of Paloma’s love for him. Meanwhile, in Tierra Fuego, Lourdes and Rusing were working in the field when Ravena soldiers broke the usual routine. They picked out from among the workers – male and female – to transfer them, they said, to do other work. The two women were spared as Vultra had ordered. But Lucio’s huntsman Rudy and many of his friends and neighbors were among those chosen. The Ravena soldiers herded them into the forest like cattle then told them that they were free to go. “Go!” they were told. “Run for your lives!” The prisoners rose at once and ran toward the forest. Then a barrage of gunshots followed and one man or woman fell after another as the Ravena shot them all down. Only Rudy, being their weapons instructor, was spared. Everyone else lay in a bloody heap of dead bodies. Rudy stole away from his guards and narrated what he had seen to the women in the field. “I saw so many of my friends,” Rudy cried. “They killed them all.” They were all horrified, and Savannah once again nagged her mother to help her escape. The older woman was afraid, but Savannah thought none of that. She thought only of herself. “Don’t give me that nonsense,” she said angrily. “Just use your head and help me.” Her mother finally gave in and covered up for the girl who escaped and eventually found her way back to their house. There she would speak to the talking bird. Somewhere in the land, Rasmus had taken Vultra to a height and was showing her all the plains and mountain-ranges before them. “See all that?” he said. “All that and more we will conquer soon, and you will be the queen.” “I believe you can achieve that,” she replied, “and you will be my king.” But her mind was distant. She thought of her missing child whom Rasmus had taken away from her. All I want is to find my child, she thought, and when I do, you will be king of the maggots that will feed on your corpse. Savannah snatched off the blanket covering Balasik’s cage and demanded at once that he speak. She wanted to know about Vultra. “Talk to me! I’m your master!” But the bird would not cooperate without being fed. “I have no master,” said Balasik, “and it is hard to talk with an empty stomach.” So Savannah gave him some food and then the bird spoke. He answered with mostly yes or no. “If Ravena can become human, and humans can become Ravena, has Violetta always been a Ravena?” she asked. “No.” “What was her name?” “Veronica.” “Was she involved with Ravena before?” “No.” “Why did she become a Ravena? Was she forced?” “No.” “Was it her decision?” “Yes. To seek revenge against her lover Bagwis, a Mulawin.” “Why?” “She thought he had forsaken her and their child.” “What! Violetta has a child?” Now, the opportunist was quick to spot an advantage here. “Does she know where her child is? Do they know each other?” “No.” “How would she know her child if she saw it?” Then Balasik said, “Veronica’s child has a birthmark that is the mark of leaders. It looks like a mountain without the bottom.” “Huh?” Savannah grabbed some paper and pen and sketched figures and showed them to the bird. “Like this?... How about this?” At last, she came up with an “A” – like figure and held it up. “Yes, that’s it,” said Balasik. Savannah grinned. “Nice chatting with you, birdie. But I have to go back now. They’re looking for me.” She covered his cage again and left. It seems that she will be making her mark very soon… literally. If Vultra will soon be deceived by an impostor claiming to be her daughter, Alwina has already been misled by the Hunyango disguised as Lourdes. The heroes’ search brought them to the edge of a cliff with a bridge attached to it leading to another mountain. The phantom Lourdes crossed the bridge so they had no choice but to follow. They could not fly as the rain had damped their feathers. “This is too dangerous,” observed Bagwis. “Pagaspas will cross with me first, then Dakila and everyone else. Aguiluz, you and Alwina will cross last. If we pass safely, it means that you can too.” They did so, and one hero after another trod cautiously over the old and creaking bridge. Finally, Alwina and Aguiluz’s turn came. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Go on, I’m right behind you.” The storm grew stronger as if in response. The others who stood at the other side cheered them on. It seemed that they would make it. But as they neared their goal, a forked lightning struck and the bridge was shattered. Alwina plunged with a shriek into the darkness below. Aguiluz fell alongside and held her to him. But he did not even have his wings since it was still daytime. Linang looked on helplessly in Encantadia. Muyak told her to have faith. But she said, “Before, I could resist Dakila even when he was dying. But this is my son involved now.” Mulagat told the group, “We cannot just stand here and do nothing.” He threw himself down over the cliff, not hearing his mother scream after him. A pair of enchanted wings tore through his clothes. As they did, the Hiyas dropped from his coat and fell below. He caught the two fallen Mulawin and bore them aloft with ease.


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