Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Love and Letting Go.

Episode for Nov 2, 2004, Tuesday. Last night, the better side of Aviona’s character really shone. Vultra had flown away to Tierra Fuego before Rasmus could stop her. His father had sent for him. Ravenom told him that he was aware of his son’s latest failure – to capture Dakila. “Don’t think that I don’t know about these developments,” said the powerful spirit. “You have failed again.” He then advised Rasmus to go to Tierra Fuego and do something useful. So Rasmus gave the order to dispose of Paloma, while he himself caught up with his queen on the way to the lowland. “You really don’t want me out of your sight,” she quipped. But she knew the real reason why he was coming along. Two Ravena soldiers dragged Paloma into the forest to kill her. Gabriel and Terong were nearby, and the former sensed danger. Just then, they heard Paloma screaming and ran in that direction. Quickly, Gabriel grabbed an ax from one of the soldiers and struck him down. He turned ‘round and knocked down the other Ravena with a solid kick. Anyone who would have seen him fight would have thought it was not Gabriel. He had a fearsome look in his eyes, and as he wielded the ax, he let out an eerie battle cry that rang throughout the woods. A flock of birds came at once in response. Frightened, he and Terong with Paloma fled to safety. “How did you do that?” they asked. “How did you learn to fight? Since when did you know how to call birds?” But he was as clueless as they were. Back in Aliwalas, Aguiluz found some privacy with Alwina and gave her a necklace that he himself carved as a birthday present. She smiled and reminded him that it wasn’t the first time he had given her something special. The very first one was Pagaspas. “Everything I can give, I will give you,” he said. But bad news awaited Aguiluz at the gathering that night. The group were now deciding who should go with Alwina and who must stay behind at Aliwalas. Most of the Perico, and Procopio and Bianca chose to stay behind. But there must be at least one Mulawin there to defend them. “We are not sure that you can fulfill your role as Alwina’s guardian because of your feelings,” said Dakila and Bagwis. “We order you to remain here.” Angry and dismayed, Aguiluz left without speaking further to them. Aviona watched from a distance. It seemed that fate was still on her side after all. But then, Alwina approached her with a peace-offering. “I want us to be friends ahead of this great trial ahead of us,” said he new Alwina. She let out a light cry, and birds flew overhead and dropped colorful petals and a flower over Aviona. Then Aviona smiled in spite of herself. She accepted this offering and clasped hands tightly with Alwina as a gesture of comradeship. “More could be said,” Aviona told her, “but that’s no longer necessary.” Everyone smiled at them. Next day, Aviona gave a basket of fruits o Dakila and requested that she be allowed to remain with Aguiluz and he rest. Dakila acquiesced, but warned her not to get her hopes up. “It would be enough for me just to be with him,” she said. But when she went to Aguiluz, he saw how sad and disconsolate he was. The absent-minded Mulawin hardly said a word at all. It would seem that no matter what she did, she could not get close to him. Rasmus and Vultra arrived in Tierra Fuego. Lourdes had been forced into labor just like the other healthy men and women. She could do nothing but try to comfort those around her and tell them to be patient for the time being. Lino saw his grandmother with them as he was digging. Meanwhile, Don Lucio was still cleaning and preparing weapons for the Ravena army together with his men. But he grabbed a small weapon for himself and hid it in his pants. He escaped to the forest but ran right into Vultra. Lucio screamed, “Who are you?” “You don’t recognize me, Lucio?” she said, and changed into her human form. “Violetta!” he gasped. “You’re a Ravena!” In Aliwalas, the group was now almost ready to live. Gus observed that many of them did not have weapons. So Mulagat asked for whatever they carried with them – sling, umbrella, etc. – and held them. He waved his hand over them and then gave them back. “There,” he said, “you can now use them as weapons.” Presumably, he transmitted some of his power into those objects. But more surprising was Aviona’s decision. Just as Alwina’s group were preparing to depart, she made another request to Dakila. “Let Aguiluz come along with you,” she said. Everyone was startled, especially Dakila and Aguiluz. “Are you sure?” asked Dakila. “Yes,” she replied. “I know Aguiluz would not be happy here, anyway.” Touched, Aguiluz embraced her and said, “Thank you, Aviona. You will always be in my heart. Our affair may have ended, but not our friendship.” Alwina smiled through all this. So then, after farewells, those chosen to be part of the quest set out: Alwina, Dakila, Bagwis, Aguiluz, Pagaspas and Lawiswis, Dakdak the Perico king, Mulagat and the two Musang. Now the quest for the Mulawin tree begins.


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