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Fooling the Hawk's Eye.

Episode for Nov 5, 2004, Friday. “I don’t get you,” Gus told Wis. “When Mulagat was courting you, you snubbed him. Now he doesn’t like you anymore, you want to be friends with him.” “What’s wrong with wanting to make friends?” Wis answered. “He’s tall and handsome and can do magic – unlike you.” “You have a crush on him,” Gus said. “When a guy chases after you, you run away. When he turns away, you run after him. Ah, women!” But not far from them, something more serious was going on. The Mulawin overheard Alwina calling for her mother, so Aguiluz rushed after her. He, too, thought he saw Lourdes right in front of him, but she ran away. So the two went back to the group and told them what they had seen. “But we’re in the deepest part of the woods,” said Dakila. “She can’t be here.” “I’m sure it was her,” said Alwina, and Aguiluz seconded this. “I saw Aling Lourdes with my own eyes. Alwina wasn’t seeing things.” “We have to find my mom!” Alwina cried. “But you have your duty!” Dakila answered. But Aguiluz stood up for his lady. “You think of nothing but duty! You don’t care about how Alwina feels!” Where was the real Lourdes? She had not gone very far when she ran into Rusing again. But this time, the old woman was in the hands of two Ravena guards. Savannah had reported them to Vultra. Yet instead of being pleased, the Ravena queen seemed angry with her. “There they are!” cried the eager Savannah. “Kill them!” The queen chilled her fervor with a glance. “Mind your place, Savannah. Nobody gives orders here but me.” “But I thought…” “If you think you will be rewarded for betraying your own kind, you are wrong,” said Vultra. She then dismissed Savannah and the guards and turned to Lourdes. “If you keep on disobeying orders, you will be harmed. I won’t be able to protect you. Just do as you are told, and no Ravena will harm you for as long as I am the queen.” “”Won’t you also protect Aling Rusing?” Lourdes pleaded. “She’s my friend.” “And you have the nerve to impose conditions? But all right. I will protect her also.” So the frightened but grateful women hurried back to their quarters. There, Savannah fumed as her mother scolded her. Even her old friends rebuked her. “If you’re okay with staying here waiting for your time to die, I’m not!” she told them. “So you would betray your own kind and suck up to the Ravena?” said one of her friends. “Aling Lourdes is a good woman. The Ravena is the enemy, not her.” But Savannah was defiant. Another prisoner tried to escape that night: Don Lucio. Over and over, memories played back in his mind. To think that he had fallen in love and slept with the same kind of monster that killed his father! Now he still had his pistol with him. He was about to blow off a sleeping guard’s head when Lino held him back. “What do you think you’re doing?” Lino whispered. “You still think you’re the boss here, but you’re not. We’re all the same now. We’re all their slaves!” This angered Lucio. “I’m not like you! I’m not going to be killed by these demons!” “You’d be dead before you could even pull that trigger, and so would we,” Lino told him. “But hey, if you really have the guts, do us a big favor. Put that gun in your mouth and kill yourself!” In Aliwalas, the Mulawin Aviona was now training the Perico. “You’re so swift, Aviona!” they said. “You have to be swift,” she answered with a kind smile. “You also need a keen sight and mind and…” She trailed off, remembering Aguiluz and the time when he had promised her that he would always be there for her. Those days are gone now. The Perico asked what was wrong, but she said, “Never mind. Go to sleep. We will resume training tomorrow.” Then she left them to be on her own that night. Meanwhile, Alwina reminisced about happy times with Lourdes. “I remember everything that she did for me,” she told Aguiluz. “I need her. I need to find my mother.” This was a far cry from the Alwina who had proudly donned her armor on her birthday. Here was a girl who longed for her mother as any child would in times of doubt and trouble. Aguiluz was there as always, loving and supportive. “I have no memory of my own parents,” he said. “But I understand how you feel. If that was really your mother that we saw, I promise you we will find her.” But Dakdak, ever the sensible skeptic, had doubts as usual. “Is it right for all of us to be distracted by this?” he asked Bagwis. “It was only Alwina and Aguiluz who saw her. For all we know, they could be making this up to buy time for themselves.” But this seemed unlikely to Bagwis. Back in Halconia, Tuka and Kuwak interrogated the soldier who had seen Tuka’s child (whose identity is rather obvious to most viewers now). But he could not give them exact information. He only told them that he had been sent there to kill Alwina. Tuka said they should this to Vultra, who was supposed to have dealt with Alwina long ago. But Kuwak thought otherwise. “That’s just a rumor,” he said. “You don’t have the details yet. Better look for your child instead.” And Tuka agreed. So they kept their mouths shut when Vultra arrived. Rasmus had something to say though. The queen started to make the excuse that she was tired. “And why is that?” he snapped. “Is it exhausting to save the lives of two worthless slaves? Why did you do that?” “What use would it be to put them to death in the middle of the night?” she replied. “Punishment is futile if it doesn’t serve as an example. May I go now, Your Majesty?” Rasmus let her go, but she didn’t fool him this time. He knew it was Lourdes her old friend, whom she had pardoned. The seed of doubt has been planted, and from now on, he must keep a closer eye on Vultra than before. “So have you decided yet?” Bagwis asked Dakila. ”I don’t know,” answered the sage. “Could Aguiluz be right? Am I too harsh? I wasn’t able to do anything for my own daughter, and now this.” “You only try to do what’s best for the majority,” the chief warrior told him. “But a time will come when you can only do what’s best for your loved ones,” said Dakila. “I wasn’t able to do that for my own daughter.” “If you think you failed her,” said Bagwis, “then maybe this is your chance to redeem yourself by helping Alwina reunite with her mother. It is only a brief halt in our journey, Dakila. We can resume finding the tree after this.” With this, it seems that Habagat’s plan is working just as he planned. The Hunyango disguised as Lourdes met with him in the woods bringing good news. “Are you sure they saw you?” asked Habagat. “Good!” Unknown to either of them, Kuskos the Musang had previously seen the Hunyango’s transformation. Clearly, his goal is to distract Alwina’s band to keep them from making their way to Avila and the Mulawin tree. Will he succeed?


Blogger Quill Driver said...

Kuskus saw the Hunyango, er, Lourdes transforming back into a hunyango. For sometime, I thought Kuskus is a Golum (LOTR) clone. But maybe not this time. Will he tell the party kaya?

11/07/2004 07:55:00 AM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Thank you for that detail. I didn't see that. :)

But even if Kuskos does report it, they probably won't believe it. I think this will cause friction in the group as it will divide them.

11/07/2004 08:19:00 AM  

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