Friday, November 05, 2004

Family Ties.

Episode for Nov 4, 2004, Thursday. Last night’s episode saw little action but plenty of dialogue – about mothers looking for their children, and youngsters longing for their parents. Whether you are a Mulawin, Ravena, lowlander (human) or Encantado, family is family. The adventurers stood victorious in their first battle together. Dakila thanked Mulagat for, with his magic, their weapons became very effective against the Ravena. But enemy reinforcements were no doubt on the way, he said. So the old sage ordered the group to move on that same night. As they got ready, he reminded Alwina once again to control her emotions if she wanted to be a good leader. “Your gentle heart, the way you pardoned the Musang, and your feelings for Aguiluz prove that your heart and mind are still at odds with each other. You must unite your heart and mind. Your whole self ought to be focused on your mission.” “I’m trying,” she said politely. “It’s not easy.” “You need to try harder,” he replied. “Maybe he is right,” she later told Aguiluz. “I must move on. But there are things in the past that my heart doesn’t want to leave behind – such as my mother.” Dakila then put Kuskos and Mulagat on Hidalgo’s back, so that everyone could fly: Dakila with his lieutenant Bagwis, Gus and Wis as owls, Dakdak with his umbrella, and Aguiluz and Alwina hand-in-hand. Habagat had gone back to Halconia to report to Ravenom about Alwina. “So that Vultra has nothing to boast about!” said the spirit. But he was clearly pleased with his new commander. “You did what you thought was right. If you have one fault, it is believing that brute force alone can handle this.” Ravenom then summoned the Diwata ng Kadiliman, the same dark goddess or spirit that Rasmus made a pact with to revive his father. “I implore you,” said Ravenom, “help us slay the Mulawin queen!” Then the ground shook, and an evil fairy appeared floating in the air. Habagat fell back in terror. “Use your power against the Mulawin,” Ravenom went on, “and Habagat and I will take care of the rest.” Down below, Tuka and Kuwak were together as usual. “Never mind if Queen Vultra won’t let me go on leave,” said Tuka. “I will go find my child. Let’s go back to Tierra Fuego!” “Of all times for you to play mama,” Kuwak grumbled. “It’s been years since that kid ran away. And now you want to go to that town? It’s like Iraq over there!” It was then that the heavy earthquake shook Halconia. A guard told them that Ravenom had a very important guest in his chamber besides Habagat. “By the way, Tuka,” said he, “talk to one of our soldiers who attacked Alwina’s group. I think they saw your child.” Kuwak and Tuka stared at each other wide-eyed. Tuka wasn’t the only mother concerned for her offspring. In Encantadia, Linang was getting worried also. “I know I should Mulagat go free and find his own path,” she told Muyak. “But the farther he goes from here, the less I am able to protect him. This is probably how every mother feels about her child.” Mulagat, for his part, continued to avoid Lawiswis as he tried to get over that embarrassing incident in Aliwalas. Savannah and her mother were reunited in the women’s camp at Tierra Fuego. The girl knew she must go back to their house and talk to Balasik. But her mother was afraid of being caught again. Like them, Lourdes and Rusing were also thinking of escaping. Rusing was determined to see Lino at least before she died. So when the Ravena guards fell asleep, they crept out of the women’s quarters. When they had covered a safe distance, Lourdes told Rusing, “I think we should part now. I will go to the forest and see if I find Alwina.” So the two women hugged each other, then went their separate ways. There is one more mother, of course – Vultra. She had put Lucio in a trance-like state so that he would perform tricks for Rasmus without knowing it. After some time, Rasmus said, “I’m getting bored with this toy you gave me. Let’s kill it!” Vultra answered, “You get bored too easily. Let’s put it away until a later time when we feel like it.” With her bird’s tune she restored Lucio back to his senses. The haciendero cursed them and vowed revenge as the troops led him away. Vultra grinned wickedly. Deep in the woods, Gabriel and Terong discussed the former’s uncanny abilities. Terong reminded him of the green binhi that Alwina had given Gabriel when he was a child. They also recalled that time when Alwina summoned a flock of birds at Gabriel’s birthday party. So Gabriel went to Paloma and asked what she thought of this. Could it be that, when Alwina gave him that green binhi, she also transferred some of her power to him? “I’ve never heard of that,” said the Mulawin. “I only know that the green binhi can cure diseases.” Then she told him, “I don’t know why you make me uneasy, Gabriel. Maybe I just have many questions in mind.” She was thinking of her father. Has he really forgotten me, she wondered? “It seems that I’m fated to be alone,” she said. “Lemuel left me, and now it looks like my father has deserted me too!” “That’s not true,” he said as she embraced him. “You still have friends who care for you.” Unlike all the others, family matters were the farthest thing from Habagat’s mind. He was thinking on his next move. Being a former Mulawin himself, it is easy for him to read Dakila’s mind. He accurately predicted the Mulawin group’s strategy and where they should be at. “Okay,” he told his Hunyaho. ‘You know what to do.” Alwina was all alone that night thinking of Lourdes. “What am I doing here?” she asked herself. “Everyone’s hopes and dreams are pinned on me. If only you were here, Mother.” As if in answer to her prayer, she thought she saw her foster-mother rushing through the trees. Alwina got up and called out to her at once. But was this real? Or have her eagle-eyes deceived her this time?


Blogger Myke uli said...

Thanks for the summary! Hoping you could post another one 'coz I wasn't able to watch last night's episode.

Now gives me this thought.

Could Lawiswis be the daughter of Tuka? We remember Lawiswis as being a Ravena.

Could someone in the network add up on this? =D

Sooooo love Mulawin. Andaming twists. ;D

11/06/2004 07:57:00 AM  
Blogger djbrix said...

Hi South Rock. Bat wala pa yung synopsis ng Mulawin's Friday Episode? Wait ko ha? Thanks. Peace Out!!!

11/06/2004 01:45:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

Ang kukulit nyo a. :D There it is now. I couldn't log in yesterday. Also I have been sick and busy with other work too.

Myke, it's obvious who Tuka's missing child is. By the way, what does "sutil" mean in Tagalog? That was used todescribe Wis I think.

Quill Driver and Asrai made some very interesting comments about Gabriel and the mysterious red and green binhi, by the way.

Mulawin rules!

11/07/2004 07:08:00 AM  

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