Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Editor's Comments: On Death and Redemption.

Greetings, mga kapuso. Please see the on-going discussion, Habagat Shoots Son for reference. I am very impressed with the show lately. It seems to be defying some of the accepted ideas about local TV soaps. We lose 3 good characters in 3 episodes straight. Is this what Richard Gutierrez hinted at when she and Angel Locsin appeared in SOP the other Sunday? That would've been what they were shooting at the time since episodes are shot about 2 weeks in advance, I believe. I loved Mulagat. I don't like to say that I have favorites (since I put the episodes in written form and I don't want to appear biased), but here I will admit that he was one of the most delightful characters in the show to me. If you consider that he's not even part of the original cast and story, all the more ought we to admire the Mulawin writers for their ingenuity. I still cannot memorize the name of the actor who played him, but I liked him in the role. But despite that, I honestly don't want him to be restored to life. Alwina's case should be the sole exception because she has a mission. Linang must not abuse her power by returning him to life just because he is her son. He searched for his purpose, and when he found it, he gave his life to it along with other noble deeds that will make the Mulawin group indebted to him forever. An even greater purpose on the personal level would be this: it could actually incite his father to mend his ways and fight for the light again. Either one of two things can happen to Habagat now: It can embitter him and make him a worse enemy than before (especially if he chooses to put the blame on Alwina and Linang). Or it can make him want to seek redemption and maybe become a Mulawin again. Speaking of redemption. Let's remember that most of the Ravena are not beyond that. The only ones that seem purely evil to me at this point are Ravenum and Perena, the evil Diwata. Both are spirits. Vultra, of course, has her human side, and has shown compassion a number of times. Tuka is a mother like her, and Kuwak is her friend. Anyone who has some affection for another still has some good in him or her. Even the wicked Rasmus. He has a few redeeming qualities too. He has beliefs and principles and even though they are wrong, he sticks to them. Like when he declared war on humans for their greed, and on the Mulawin for betraying him and his father. He is also loyal and strongly attached to his loved ones - and this is his weakness, as Ravenum told Habagat last night. Habagat, unlike Rasmus, will change his allegiance as well as the colors of his feathers as it suits him. Rasmus pointed out this difference between them not long ago. This is why he thinks Habagat is beneath him. He thinks Habagat has no scruples and principles and insists that HE does. He also fancies that Habagat knows nothing about love. But in fact, it was a lost love that motivated him to betray the Mulawin and side with the Ravena. Rasmus is motivated by hatred for both men and the Mulawin. Habagat is also the better strategist between the two. One thing they both have in common, however, is military ambition. They want to rule the Ravena and the world. :) But in my view, Ravenum is the only pure evil incarnate among them as of now. No love, no light, and therefore, no hope, exists for him. For the others, there is still some hope for change. If Gabriel does turn out to be the dark angel of the Ravena, then there's a big chance of this happening. Sure, I would like to see a LOT of action first, but in the end, it would be good to see Gabriel and Alwina reconciling the three races: men, Mulawin and Ravena. Since Mulawin has such a huge following among the young, that would be sending the right message to them. There is a darkness in everyone (and keep in mind: humans and Ravena of all beings are most alike). But we can overcome the darkness unless we CHOOSE to allow it to rule over us. Aviona the Mulawin "goddess," is herself an example of this. Many despised her for clinging on to Aguiluz, but all hailed her when she opted to stay behind and set him free to go with Alwina. It's always a choice. We'll see what happens with Habagat now. P.S. streetstopper, you mentioned the binhi and LOTR 3. Hmm, I seem to remember that though I never really watched the series. What I've always wondered about was this: If Gabriel is a Ravena, he must have some wicked streak hidden in him. For him to become a Ravena (or choose to be one), that streak must come out first. But how? Maybe the berdeng binhi will be key like you say. :) Seems to fit.


Blogger streetstopper said...

i guess everyone has a streak with them when they are born. however those streaks may be classified into two: the first one being one that will automatically manifest, and the other needing an external force so in order for it to materialize and affect the life of its bearer.

gabriel may in fact be a "good" person in spite of his family background, however, the berdeng binhi may be the external force which may bring out the evilness of a ravena in him.

in the end, it is up to him to live up to his calling, which is to be an epitome of a ravena with a heart, or give in to the darkness of his blood.

either which way, his participation to the story only proves that much thought was given to the twists, turns, and the characters which interweave the story as a whole.

but in the end there are three characters which may represent the three camps: alwina for humankind, aguiluz representing the mulawin, and gabriel for the ravena clan. and take note that as of today, they are still on the same side of the coin.

11/26/2004 03:14:00 AM  
Blogger South Rock said...

You mention in the Ibong Adarna discussion Savannah's possible weakness and how the viewers may respond. This is a good point. I remember one of the rules of tragedy. I mean, of course, those plays with a sad ending. For a tragedy to be a tragedy, the chief character must have qualities that make the audience sympathize with him or her. Otherwise - if you don't care about that character - why should you be affected by what happens to them?

As you read in my blog (thanks for your comments!), only Ravenum and Perena among the Ravena seem purely evil to me at this point. Among the humans, it's Savannah and Don Lucio. It is very easy to get the viewers' sympathy. Even Yoli, her mother, and her old friends such as Pamela, have gotten it in such a short time. We felt sorry for Yoli when her daughter disowned her. If the writers show some vulnerability and humanity in Savannah also, the same thing could happen. After all, don't we also feel nervous when Vultra questions her about her "pangitain"? And if you watched a recent episode, you would probably have felt sorry for her too when she was forced to disown her mother in front of the Ravena troops (to save her own skin). She didn't want to do it, but she felt she had to especially after Rasmus threatened to "blackmail" her.

In reality, few - if any - beings in this world are pure evil or pure goodnes. Being human, in fact, means being torn between the good and the evil. We live to choose between the two principles. Everyday, that is our business. The Mulawin characters are more credible and lifelike when they show such human qualities: fear, love, goodness, hatred, pity, remorse, jealousy, anger and so on.

If the writers manage to create a 3-dimensional view of ALL the principal characters in the story - explaining their motives, showing their weaknesses as well as their redeeming traits - then that would be one more achievement of theirs, since many other soaps paint only superficial portraits of their characters. It would also do justice to the brilliant performances of its actors.

In closing: If villains like Habagat display nobler emotions such as love and regret that proves evil has not totally overcome them, then perhaps Alwina and others like Aguiluz and Bagwis need to show some flaws in their turn. Don't get me wrong. I love and admire them. But if the heroes are too "nice" and perfect, how are we to identify with them since we ourselves are not perfect? See, Aviona is not like that. She's a mixture of good and bad tendencies, but what makes her so noble is that she fights her selfish impulses and does what is right. I'd like to see Alwina show some steel now and defy some standard notions about "the good girl" or chief protagonist in a soap opera. I'd like to look deeper into Bagwis' personality and see what's in there. Dakila is fine to me. He's human. He made mistakes, just like any loving father who means well, and he does his best now to move on and learn from those mistakes.

P.S. Re: your comments on Terong and Aviona . Yes, it is mostly his looks, not his personality, I think, that raises objections. You're right. We shouldn't forget that many of us have been like Terong sometime in our lives.

P.P.S. I really like your commentary on Mulawin. Why don't you take up the ORANGE channel? Just ask Quill Driver (the admin) to make you an account. If you have the time to blog regularly, then please do join us! It's nice to see the different channels in the Network have different things to offer other fans.

11/26/2004 08:15:00 AM  
Blogger streetstopper said...

south rock,

thanks for your kind words and the trust by asking me to join the "force."

actually, the reason why it took me quite some time to answer here or on the other blog where you asked me if i got this, is that...i had to think a lot about what you were asking.

i know it's not too much to ask, but i was wondering if i can fill in the big shoes that requires one to be a channel editor (if i got the term right.)

i know that it is a big responsibility. maybe, if the admin can see this post and offers, i will gladly accept hehehe.

but being a late-watcher to the show, i had to admit that most of the people at the office were already watching it and telling me how great it was. the reason why i have learned and took it as a habit to watch the show was because it is sandwiched by two shows i watch...i guess gma was wise to put it between extra challenge and starstruck.

anyways, thank you again for the offer. we'll see what quill driver has to say.


11/29/2004 06:10:00 PM  
Blogger Splasher said...

The only requirement is that you are willing to post your thoughts, nothing more. Actually, Mulawin Network is undergoing changes that's why it will take some time before new editors will be added. Since you will also be doing screen caps, you will be posting direct to the main blog (Mulawin Network). Links to Quill Driver's posts will become smaller, like before. South Rock has to have another blog for the episode summaries, hence the VIOLET Channel.

11/30/2004 09:14:00 PM  
Blogger Splasher said...

Quill Driver and South Rock also have direct access to the main blog.

11/30/2004 09:18:00 PM  
Blogger streetstopper said...

thanks guys...

have accepted the offer already but you will have to guide me a bit the first few days maybe (if that's not too much to ask)...i'm still groping in the dark LOL!

thanks again!

11/30/2004 11:49:00 PM  
Blogger South Rock said...

splash & streestopper,

Greetings, mga kapuso. I can understand you, streetstopper. You feel maybe that since you're new, some of your comments may be off. But it won't be such a problem, I think. Just ask questions if you're not sure. I'm sure others will welcome your insights and constructive critcism.

Questino to splash since you seem to be part of the Network as well: Is there a limit to the size of a blog? I think I write the longest, and most frequently as well. Is this going to be a problem with the VIOLET channel?

And what changes are being made, if I may know?

And where are the latest screen grabs?

12/01/2004 07:28:00 AM  
Blogger Splasher said...

Google is so generous with disk space so you can blog all you want at Blogger/Blogspot.

Changes in the Mulawin Network will just be on the interface to make it look less crowded and to identify posts by author (since there will be more contributors/editors).

Screencaps by streetstopper at Mulawin Network.

So long as it is related to the Mulawin TV show and your blogging about it, you can post anything you want, not just screencaps. But if you post spam, you will lose your editing/posting privileges.

12/03/2004 03:04:00 PM  

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