Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A Birthday Gift.

Episode for Nov 1, 2004, Monday.
Mayi, the pet maya of Dakila, alighted at Halconia in the form of a bird-girl. With her own eyes she saw Paloma in a cage. Vultra seized the girl, and Rasmus gave her this message for Dakila: Paloma would be freed only in exchange for her father and if he disclosed the location of the Mulawin tree. Then Mayi left to report to her master. Aviona was talking to the old Mulawin – who is like a father to her – as she lamented over her unrequited love for Aguiluz. “I waited all my life for him,” she said, “and now, I fear I will have to wait my whole life again for my hurts to heal.” Dakila tried to lift her spirits, but just then, Mayi returned. So Aviona made her exit and left the scene to him, the bird and Bagwis. Mayi relayed the Ravena king’s message to them. Bagwis understood Dakila’s reluctance to give up the tree, but reminded him that this was his daughter’s life at stake. “Will you refuse the chance to become a father to her again?” asked the warrior. But Dakila was indecisive. He and Paloma have been estranged since she left Avila to be with the human she loved (Lemuel). Her father had objected to that affair and said, “Intermarriage between Mulawin and humans is prohibited by law. I am he chief enforcer of he laws among us. If my own daughter doesn’t obey me, why will others listen to me?” But Paloma was stubborn. So he let her leave, while giving her the power to change into a dove as protection in the dangerous world of men. Meanwhile, Gabriel rushed through the woods. An exhausted Terong followed him. His master seems more and more of a puzzle now. “You walk as if you know this place,” Terong said. “I don’t know,” said Gabriel. “I just go where my feet take me. I just seem to know.” What could be so special about him? Mulagat parted cordially with his new-found friends, especially Pagaspas and Lawiswis. But hardly had they breathed a sigh of relief than when Alwina came home bringing the two Musang with her. The Mulawin protested and asked Dakila to decide. But he deferred to their new head. Then Alwina – showing signs of being a just and wise leader – maintained that she would give the Musang a chance to prove themselves. She also reminded her companions that the Musang attacked them before only to protect themselves and hunt for food, which every creature must do. After this, Gus reminded the others that it was Alwina’s birthday. So they got together and decided to surprise her with a gift. They fashioned a new armor for her such as the Mulawin warriors wear. All her friends worked on this except Aguiluz who waned to make his own gift. Back at Halconia, Kuwak and Tuka taunted their prisoner, as Rasmus waited impatiently for news. “What useless soldiers we have!” he yelled. “Slower than a little maya!” Vultra pretended to stay calm and supportive. “Maybe Dakila doesn’t know yet.” “Or maybe he does know already,” said Rasmus, “and he doesn’t care. My bait is now useless!” Those words echoed in the queen’s head. She gazed upon the sleeping Paloma as Rasmus fumed. Could there be such parents in the world, she wondered? How could a father resist his own daughter knowing she is in danger? Suddenly, tears stung her eyes as she felt pity for the young Mulawin. But Vultra checked herself and reminded herself not to feel pity or sadness. “Why should I care about a worthless thing!” she cried out. Wishing to be distracted, and to avoid suspicion, Vultra told Rasmus she would visit Tierra Fuego on the excuse that she wanted to see some action. Once again, it appears that what the Balasik said will come true… that Savannah will be seeing “Violetta” again soon. At Aliwalas, the aged Dakila summoned Bagwis to him. He had already decided: the Ravena must not discover the Mulawin tree at any cost. Bagwis was taken aback by this harsh decision. “Believe me,” said the sage, “this is very hard for me to do. I love my daughter. But I will not compromise the safety of the majority for one person only, even if she is my child.” So he gathered the Mulawin, Perico and children around him. He told them that Alwina must now begin her quest for the Mulawin tree, to restore balance and save the world from evil. A debate began over who should go and not go. The Perico hesitated, but the young Mayi spoke up. “Every creature serves a purpose whether great or small. We mustn’t always live idly and be dependent on others. Look at me. I’m just a humble maya. Yet, I serve a purpose.” But they continued to argue until Alwina herself stood up. “Stop it!” she shouted. “I don’t know what’s waiting for me there. But Mayi is right. Everyone must find a purpose. Now, all who think they are meant to join me on this quest speak up!” Stunned by her outburst, the group remained silent. Aguiluz was first to stand up. “I will go with you.” Then, the two children and Bagwis followed suit, and the Perico, and the grateful Musang, and so on. Even Aviona who, until now, had shown no indication of loyalty for their new leader, also said, “I will go with you, Alwina.” Alwina smiled happily. Finally, the young Mulagat rejoined them and offered his services. He had been watching them back in Encantadia beside Linang and Muyak. He, too, wanted to live for a cause and now he has found it with Alwina’s group. Gladly, the group welcomed this new addition to their number. So the moment arrived for them to present their gift to Alwina. She isolated herself and donned her outfit as the others waited. Whereas before she felt shy and unsure about herself and her mission, Alwina now felt confident thanks to the support of her comrades and the wise guidance of Dakila. “Are you ready?” he asked. “Ready,” she answered with full confidence. Then emerged the new Alwina in full Mulawin combat gear, ready for battle.


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