Friday, October 29, 2004

Training of a Mulawin Leader.

Episode for Oct 28, 2004, Thursday. Last night’s episode focused almost entirely upon Alwina. Dakila sent for the two children, Pagaspas and Lawisis, and asked what they wanted him to do for them. He told them that since it was their friendship that had cursed them in the first place, they must give it up if they wanted to be normal again. They stoutly refused. “Never mind if we become owls or worms,” they said, “so long as we’re together.” But Dakila was only testing them. He smiled at their answer and showed his approval. Freed of the curse, Gus and Wis ran to him and hugged the old sage joyfully. Their happiness would be perfect if not for the love struck Mulagat. He visited Wis that same day with gifts. The other Mulawin were bemused at this development. But Dakila recognized him as an Encantado and told their group not to fear him since these magical beings are friends of the Mulawin. He also told them that Encantados and Encantadas see things that humans and Mulawin alike do not, and sometimes act in ways that seem strange to us. The smitten Mulagat continued to woo the girl, much to her and Gus’ annoyance. Dakila was more concerned about the love triangle of Alwina, Aguiluz and Aviona. He heard the whole story from the Perico. So he took Aguiluz aside and had a frank talk with him. Dakila told him that Aviona’s parents had died in battle against the Ravena; when she was young; he and Bagwis raised her like their own child. The sage also reminded Aguiluz that he had listened to his heart before and it cost him his wings. “I’m not here to scold you,” said Dakila. “But look at it for what it is. You followed your heart once and it brought you nothing but trouble and sorrow. Now, for once, heed the call of duty. Moreover, Alwina is the key to our success in this war. Do not add any more to her worries.” What could Aguiluz say? He knew the old Mulawin was right. Meanwhile, Terong had covered up Gabriel’s wound and gone to sleep. While they slept, the enchanted leaves went to work. By morning, the wound was completely healed. The two men marveled at this as they awaited Paloma’s return. Unknown to them, Don Lucio was now captive of the Ravena. “It’s you who killed my father!” he cried. “Shut up or we will kill you too!” they said. Then, Habagat ordered his troops to round up everyone and pick out those able men who could be forced to manufacture more weapons for them, in preparation for their conquest of neighboring towns and cities. Even Lourdes, the priest and Lino’s grandmother were caught before they could escape the church. Savannah told her mother that they must make themselves useful to the Ravena so that they would not be killed. Perhaps, Balasik could be the key? Back at the Mulawin’s camp, Dakila began to train their future leader, Alwina. He told her that she must go to the mysterious Mulawin tree and see it bear fruit. Just what its fruit will be, no one knows. But she must make it to the Mulawin tree, for it is their only hope of defeating the wicked Ravena. Only Dakila knows the exact location of the tree, and the journey will be perilous. Apparently, the Mulawin tree is the energy-source of Avila, but it grows nowhere in Avila itself. Dakila also discovered Alwina’s gift of understanding the speech of birds. This is a rare ability even among the Mulawin. Only special persons have it. While everyone else’s attention was on Alwina, poor Aviona stayed away on her own. The girl scout Bianca approached her and said sorry for what she had done. Aviona held her close, smiled sadly and told her, ‘You didn’t do anything wrong. All you did was tell the truth.” It would seem that the Mulawin, knowingly or unknowingly, were now reconciling themselves to one another as they head for the war against the Ravena. Elsewhere, Bagwis wanted to talk to Dakila for news about the latter’s family. Dakila gently dismissed Alwina and told her to resume practice the next day. As Alwina went on her way, she was met by Aguiluz. He had thought about what Dakila told him, and observing Alwina in training, he made up his mind. “I want you to know that no matter what happens between us, I’ll still be here for you,” he said. “You are the leader of the Mulawin and savior of the world. Who am I? Perhaps I should kiss the ground you stand on. I love you and you know it. But it seems we’re not meant for each other. Maybe I am not the right one for you.” There was nothing Alwina could say to that. The two noble Mulawin parted thus, and now must prepare for the greatest battle of their lives.


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