Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Price to Pay.

Episode for Oct 29, 2004, Friday.
Fairies cannot dwell permanently among humans. The reason is that they must return now and then to Encantadia to absorb the anima which is stored there. Anima is the spirit that enlivens all living things, and it is especially vital to the well-being of sprites and fairies. So Mulagat returned to the fairy-kingdom to breathe some anima. Muyak was glad to see him, but no sooner had she welcomed him than he was on his way back to Aliwalas. “Ah,” she sighed, “the prodigal son!” Then, she complained to Linang, “You should scold that boy!” But Linang laughed and said, “It’s no use scolding someone who refuses to listen. Mulagat is like that, just like…” She trailed off, thinking of her old flame Habagat. Mulagat showed up once again at Aliwalas. “Oh, my dear Lawiswis,” he called, “is there anything I can do for you?” “Not much,” she said. “You know, you’re just wasting your time. We’re in the forest. There’s nothing for you to clean up here!” “Well, then,” he replied, “I’ll just sit here so we can talk to each other.” As he sat down, Mulagat finally noticed the Hiyas that Pagaspas carried. “Huh, I seem to recognize that,” he said. He took the Hiyas and examined it. “Yes!” he exclaimed. “We used to have this in my home but it was lost.” “Well,” the children said, “if you’re really any good, why don’t you tell us how to knock off a piece from that?” Not the least offended by the dare, Mulagat simply held the rock and gazed at it. Effortlessly, he broke the Hiyas into two. “Wow!” they cheered. “Now, each of us can take a piece and make a necklace! We’ll never have to grow old even when away from the Hiyas!” Even Gus who did not like Mulagat was forced to take a piece of the rock to fashion a necklace with. “In fairness,” said Wis, “I’m impressed by that!” Mualgat continued to serve his lady-love. It seemed he was beginning to make an impression on Lawiswis. He would defend her too if he thought someone said something inappropriate to her. So then, the Perico began to dare Pagaspas to take off his necklace and be a young man. “If you don’t make a move, he’ll beat you!” Gus was obviously jealous and the parrot-men teased him about it. But Wis would not allow him to take up the challenge. This went on as the fairies watched back in Encantadia. Linang explained to Muyak what was happening to Mulagat. “You see, all the pranks and jokes that Mulagat has played on humans until now have come back to him. His own eyes are playing a trick on him. That’s why he cannot see that Lawiswis is only a child.” Muyak then asked Linang to open Mulagat’s eyes. So Linang struck a beam into his eyes and opened them. Waking up as if from a dream, Mulagat saw the child Wis before him and started back. “Who are you?” he asked. “I’m Lawiswis, who else! What? You have amnesia!” cried Wis. After some time, it dawned on Mulagat that he had been fooling himself, though he couldn’t understand how it happened. Like a gentleman, he apologized to Wis for all the trouble. But Wis said it was all right. “Besides,” she said, “someone owns my heart already.” Obviously, meaning Gus. Between Aviona and Aguiluz, things also improved albeit only slightly. Aguiluz was sitting alone on a rock, contemplating, when Aviona came near and offered him the makahiya as she had done with Alwina. He smiled kindly and told her he accepted her apology. This brought a smile to her face, but not his next statement: “But if you expect things to return to what they were between us, you are wrong,” he said. “Some wounds heal. Some memories are forgotten. Some things are left in the past. Yet a stain in a relationship remains.” Doubt, once planted, is never completely removed. Trust, once lost, can never be fully regained. Bagwis was finally able to talk to Dakila. Dakila’s daughter, as viewers have suspected all along, is none other than Paloma. Bagwis told him that they had met Paloma recently, and she stayed with the group for a while. This came as a great shock as well as good news to Dakila. But his happiness lasted only a few moments. “Unfortunately,” Bagwis went on, “Paloma’s rebellious nature has not changed. We couldn’t stop her from leaving and going out on her own again.” “Then, where is she? How do I find my daughter?” asked the old Mulawin. He held up his magic-staff. As usual, it changed into a bird, Maie. (?) “Find Paloma!” he ordered, and the bird flew off. Now, this bird is also a Mulawin. After searching for Paloma for hours, Maie grew tired and assumed her true form. Just then, Gabriel and Terong walked into that part of the woods. They saw an adolescent female Mulawin standing there. Frightened, Terong cried out: “Bird-woman again after Paloma!” Now it was their turn to surprise the girl. Hurriedly, she asked where Paloma could be found since she’d been sent out to look for her. “She went to find some green blood,” stammered Terong. “Green binhi,” said Gabriel. “What??” said Maie. “She’s in Halconia then.” Gabriel wanted to go with her then. But Maie wasted no time now that she kenw where her master’s daughter is. She flew off and left them standing there in a daze. In Halconia she was indeed. The curious Vultra asked Rasmus for any news from his soldiers yet. “If there were,” he said, “do you think I would be standing here, my dear queen? Have patience. Once you see why I’m doing this, you will thank me for it.” “You have nothing to explain to me,” she said with uncharacteristic gentleness. “I know something good will come out of your plan this time.” Rasmus - used to being insulted by his defiant and outspoken wife - wondered if he heard that right. “Wait a minute,” he said with a frown. “This doesn’t sound like you at all.” “Perhaps.” She was all smiles now. “But I’ve come to realize that a queen should defer to her husband. Not just for the sake of their relationship, but for the good of their subjects.” Meanwhile, Alwina’s training resumed. She learned fast and once again, she called for the birds and they came. Just then, she noticed the handsome Aguiluz standing nearby, smiling at her. Her heart fluttered and, as if the birds picked up on her emotions, they assumed a heart-shaped formation in the sky. Everyone marveled at this sight and knew what she was thinking of. Blushing, Alwina said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean it.” That evening, the Perico were still teasing her about it. Alwina smiled and said nothing. She brought some fruit and drink to Dakila. “Congratulations, Alwina,” said her mentor. “You have mastered the art of summoning birds. But I want to make sure that you understand something. With power comes responsibility. And many trials and hardships lie before you. You cannot afford to be distracted if you want to succeed in your mission. There are many things – many persons – that you must now sacrifice.” This was a not-so veiled allusion to her love for Aguiluz, and she knew it. In Tierra Fuego, Ravena soldiers dragged Lourdes and LIno’s grandmother and left them with all the others they had rounded up. The people recognized Lourdes and, sure enough, blamed their latest misfortune on her. Some of them wanted to attack her, but then the Ravena came and seized the ablest men among them for forced-labor. Among them was one man who knew Lino. He saw Lino in the field and told him, “Your grandmother is alive. She’s looking for you.” The rash young man then grabbed a pistol and wanted to shoot the Ravena soldier guarding them. But the man stopped him. “Don’t be reckless! What would they do to us and to your grandma if you hurt one of them?”
Savannah and her mother hid themselves in a house that the Ravena had somehow overlooked. Savannah begged the bird Balasik for help. But Balasik had stopped talking since the Ravena’s arrival, and he would not talk to her now in spite of her threats. Habagat himself was still in Don Lucio’s hacienda, inspecting the latter’s huge collection of weapons. Habagat smiled with glee to himself as he looked at the heavy arms and guns that no bird-men until now had owned. Lucio watched him silently, vowing revenge. Next morning, Alwina took Gus and Wis with her during a flying lesson. She held them in both her arms and they flew happily all day. Then, she sent them back to camp and took flight alone. It so happened that the father-and-child Musang who had stolen the Hiyas from the children before were there. They were hungry and attacked two Ravena soldiers. But the Ravena beat them back and the Musang fell into a quicksand. Alwina’s eagle-eyes witnessed this from a distance. Even though these were the two had attacked her and her friends before, Alwina rushed to the scene to rescue them. Our heroine is now becoming more and more confident of her fighting skills.


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