Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mulagat and a Revelation.

Episode for Oct 27, 2004, Wednesday. Linang and Muyak (?) returned to Encantadia. Marikit and the other fairies reported to them that Mulagat, a young Encantado, had once again slipped out of their realm. Linang only smiled at this. Of all the male sprites, Mulagat is the only one who does not like to stay at Encantadia. He likes to visit humans in their world and play pranks on them. Just like he did with Terong who finally made his way back to Gabriel with the leaves. Terong woke up his friend and master and reminded him that he must live to see Alwina again. Aguiluz found time alone with Alwina again. “Just because you and Aviona are over, that doesn’t mean we are free,” she said. “There are many things on my mind, many questions… We need time.” “What could be on your mind?” he asked. “Why can’t we be free to do what we want?” And then he stopped himself. “Sorry if I insist. You may be right, after all. Maybe we do need time.” He left her alone then. Little did they expect what they would find out very soon about Alwina. Mulagat moved on through the forest in search of more victims. At Aliwalas, the children got into an argument over who should keep the Hiyas. Pagaspas had to relieve himself and Procopio went with him. Bianca stayed behind and held on to Lawiswis’ necklace. Bianca asked Wis why she would not take off the necklace just to see what she’d look like as a young woman. Wis did so, and then set out in the woods to look for Gus’ necklace. The wandering Mulagat happened to be nearby and he spotted this pretty young lady. Wis did not find her friend’s necklace. So she rejoined the other children and put her necklace back on. Mulagat followed unseen. Back at the camp, Alwina and the other adults welcomed back the children. They told them what happened. Bianca noted that, when Wis changed her form, she and Gus did not turn into owls even when they were apart. Bagwis told them that they could now find answers to this and other mysteries now that Dakila was awake. The Mulawin then went together to meet Dakila. But the children stayed behind with the Perico. They were afraid to see Dakila since he had cursed them. As the four children chatted with the parrot-men, Mulagat came forth and appeared to them. The sight of a handsome young stranger in white surprised them all. But unmindful of their reaction, Mulagat headed straight for Wis. “I am Mulagat,” he told them. “I… come from a faraway place. And I am here for this beautiful maiden.” Even though Wis had assumed the body of a child again, Mulagat still saw a young woman in her. He gazed at her with dreamy eyes and tried to woo her with romantic poetry. Irritated, Gus stood between them. “Mulagat,” said one of the Perico, “your name should be Bulagat.” “Can’t you see that I’m only a child?” Wis said. “We don’t look good together!” “Who says we don’t?” said Mulagat. “I am a young bachelor and she is a young lady.” He then asked Wis for a kiss. Disgusted, the little girl slapped him on the face. Meanwhile, the Ravena marched on in Tierra Fuego. Don Lucio’s men warned him of this. But he did not believe them until he saw Ravena soldiers themselves in his mansion. The drunken Lucio then tried to save his own skin by hiding. Hagabat stopped him with a grin and a solid blow to the stomach. Habagat is clearly enjoying himself. Vultra is not having so much fun, however. Her past continues to haunt her as memories of her life with Bagwis flash before her mind. She went to see Rasmus’ new captive, Paloma. The queen wondered what could be so special about this catch. Rasmus made it clear that he wasn’t in the mood to be insulted. He ordered his troops to spread the word about Paloma so that her father would hear about it. It is clear now to Vultra (and the viewers) that Rasmus wants to use Paloma as a bait. Vultra’s skepticism turned to curiosity. “What are you staring at?” Rasmus snarled. “Do you want to say something?” “No,” she replied. “Do I look like I want to say something?” But she smiled wickedly at Paloma. Back at Aliwalas, the Mulawin were gathered ‘round Dakila. First, he asked Bagwis and Aviona for forgiveness. The two replied that there was nothing to forgive. He turned to Aguiluz and asked if he could recognize him. “No, sir,” Aguiluz said. “But I know that you are loved and respected by all the Mulawin.” “There is much that I need to tell you,” Dakila told him, “and I will do so at the right time.” Just then, Bagwis introduced the young maiden with them as Alwina. Startled, Dakila looked at her and said, “You’re Alwina?” “Yes,” she said with a shy smile. Dakila recalled to mind what Rasmus had said to him during the fall of Avila: “Your savior is dead… Alwina.” Dakila now declared, “Alwina, you are the savior of the Mulawin – and of mankind.” A dead silence followed until Bagwis found his voice. “What did you say, Dakila?” Not taking his eyes off the girl, Dakila went on: “It was foretold that the Mulawin who dies and returns to life will be this savior. I know you died and now you are here.” “How did you know that?” she stammered. “How do you know about what I went through?” “I met your mother,” he said. “But someone kidnapped her. That’s why I went to Halconia to see if she was there. She wasn’t. Be prepared, Alwina. You may never see your mother again.” At this, Alwina shook her head in disbelief and cried in Bagwis’ arms. The next morning, Dakila told them that Habagat has changed his plumage and is now a full-fledged Ravena. “They have declared war on mankind,” he said. “This happens even as we speak. We must prepare for battle. But we cannot do that unless we are sure that our savior is ready, in heart, soul and every part of her being.” All eyes fell on Alwina. What will she do now?


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i've been a follower and a defender of GMA7, thru thick and thin, never i left dis network, and it's good to see a telenovela like Mulawin, honestly speaking, once in a while i glance at other network 's piece, but only to find out that just d same recado, and number of "retocadong" programs, keep up the good work, sana dagdagan pa ang music effect lalo na sa mga fight scene, kung kaya pa ng budget, baka pwedeng thru computer graphics, magpakita ng long shot scene ng mga mandirigmang Mulawin at mga Ravena, ready for a clash of GOOD AND EVIL. God bless, more power huwag lalaki ang ulo.

10/28/2004 12:00:00 PM  

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